Understanding by ya_lublyu_tebya

08/26/2009 09:23 pm
One and only         
It's probably been said before, but this was much better than the show. How it should of gone had the writers not been total morons.
But I still wanted to throttle your Buffy- selfish brat still made it all about her; does she not remember that she was the one who broke up with Spike and then told him to move on? She has no right to be pissy at him for doing just that.
About building up trust? Hate to tell you Buff, but if anyone needs to build up trust, it's you to Spike. You're the one who abused him, and then he did just what you told him to- moved on. You have NO right to even say a word, let along act like the injured party.
Sorry about the rant- watched Seeing Red last night and am mightly irqked with her.
Anyway, this was great.

06/13/2008 04:45 am
One and only         
much better than show

03/23/2008 08:46 am
One and only         
Nice rewrite, but not quite as I would have liked it to be, Buffy has alot  to explain aswell.
Beautiful writing though.

02/14/2008 01:12 am
One and only         
prefer this version. fine read, thank you.

02/12/2008 02:14 pm
One and only         
Leaving it there is plain cruel.

Beautiful ficlet!!!

02/11/2008 10:15 pm
One and only         
Much improved version of the scene.  : )

02/11/2008 07:54 pm
One and only         

A lovely slice of if only, though it would have been nice if Buffy had acknowledged that she'd told Spike to move on.

02/11/2008 07:31 pm
One and only         
Oh, if only.  Great job, as always. 
Well, quite. Hated the way it really went. Thanks for reading!

02/11/2008 07:25 pm
One and only         
Thanks for the kinder, gentler version.