The Valentine's Day Special by slaymesoftly

02/22/2012 09:38 pm
that was lovely
Thank you.

spuffy chick
10/14/2009 11:58 pm
aawww! sweet!..i like it when they're lovey-dovey with each other
Lovey-dovey Spuffy. Always a favorite. Thanks for reading.

03/25/2008 11:42 pm
Hickey on the ass? Tee hee
Spike really deserved this kind of a result.Loved this wonderful story.Thank you for writing such a beauty.
Thank you for reading and commenting.

02/17/2008 04:42 am
Aw such a great little story I'm so happy for this little Valentine's Day cheer as mine wasn't quite this good. (broke up with my boyfriend of over a year) but my favourite blonde duo made me feel all schmoopy inside again

Thanks for the great read!
I'm so sorry about your Valentine's Day - that sucks. But I'm glad my little story could help you feel a bit better.

02/16/2008 03:07 am
Aww, thanks for sharing such a sweet little story.
Thanks for reading.

02/16/2008 12:07 am
 Definitely a nice, fluffly Spuffy Valentines. Can't wait to read what you're going to do with Easter!
Hee! Oh dear, that is coming up soon, isn't it?  *goes off muttering about bunnies -both Easter and plot...*

02/15/2008 10:57 pm
This was just what we needed for Valentine's Day!!  Thanks for a wonderful story.
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it.

02/15/2008 10:27 pm
Wonderful Valentine couple-y Spike and Buffy.
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

02/15/2008 09:05 pm
Yes indeedy the best ever!

Hot outdoor sex there (oooo a kink!  Why yes ma'am I do believe so!)  Can see poor Spike trying so hard not to ditch the bike as she played him to happyland.  Love her "Rip them" attitude!  Oh yes she's been on a slow boil all night, they hit the bed but clothes are too much trouble.  Funny and hot.

Again, well done sex scenes in every way.  Just the way I like them....filled with emotion, passion and heat.

Lovely story.  Thank you for the gift!

Thank you for reading and sharing you wonderful comments.

02/15/2008 05:10 pm
The perfect Valentine.
Thank you so much. I'm glad you thought so.

02/15/2008 01:29 pm
Perfect. If only it had really been that way. Nice work
If only! Thank you.

03/25/2008 10:57 pm
They're off to ...     And I'm off to read more.Loved this chapter very much.
Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

02/15/2008 08:51 pm
<i>“I, we, they; good explanations, every one of them. Except for the whole, actual, explanation part,” Xander said, still watching Buffy expectantly.</i> What a perfect Xander voice!!!!!  All the dialogue was spot on for every characrer but this line stood out so much I heard it in my head as I read it.

Love the reactions here with the scoobies.  I think there was a time early on (when they felt guilt) that they WOULD have reacted this way and love how you took that moment and ran with it someplace happy.

Love the playful give and take with them all.  Xander saying Buffy could have Spike if it made her happy and Spike eventually seeing what that actually meant was priceless.  So too was the Freudian slip (reminacent of First Date's slip, "STILL in love with Spike" that revealed to them both that her heart is engage.  Lovely reaction from him as well as Buffy.

Ahhhhhh yes, off for some special Valentines day loving, this time with all emotions on the table.

Off to play voyer!


Thank you, sweetie. You give the nicest reviews!   I, too, think they might have reacted with a bit more understanding while they were still weighted down with guilt.  It was Buffy who was so sure no one would understand - or that she had done something to be ashamed of. *sigh*

02/15/2008 04:59 pm
Xander was pretty decent there.
Valentine's Day - I told everybody they had to play nice or they couldn't be in the story.

02/15/2008 01:21 pm
"With a put-upon sigh that was as fake as his hair color" - quality!

Onto the next chapter but just had to comment on that great line. The whole thing's brilliant too.
Hee! Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

02/15/2008 12:05 pm
 Woohoo!   Or words to that effect!
LOL - that works for me.

02/15/2008 11:10 am
Loved it!  I think I like this 'verse!  Buffy seems much more sensible and Spike doesn't seem to put his foot in his mouth quite as often.
This was quite an enjoyable cap to St. V's Day/Night (which was quite nice as my honey got me dinner, and a dozen lavender roses and vase...and wandered off to play World of Warcraft!) and put another smile on my face (since I didn't get one the way many celebrants did...grrrr....)...
Thanks!  Always looking for more from you!
Thanks! The last chapter is up now.

02/15/2008 03:51 am
 It's great to read something new by you, especially for Valentine's Day! Becoming-happy Spuffy is always a treat.
Thank you. How sweet of you to say so. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

Pam S
02/15/2008 03:46 am
And where are they going to .. and what are they going to do..

right... LOL  love it ... cute
LOL - yep, that's pretty much where they're going and what they're going to do.

02/15/2008 03:23 am
Thanks for the extra chapter.  Looking forward to more soon.
It's all up now. Hope you enjoy.

03/25/2008 10:42 pm
Sweet date.Glad that Buffy finally acknowledged her feelings towards Spike...a little.Loved it all.

And,yes,the demon and the man are the same person,as in Spike,you silly Buffy! I can't really believe that she's still believing all that rot about Angel-Angelus-Liam triangle.Makes me wanna heave.
LOL Don't heave, please!  Thanks for reading.

03/09/2008 03:49 am
LOL at everyone being on to Buffy and her laying outfit.  Very romantic - liked the part about Spike's demon wanting to claim his girl.
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.

02/15/2008 08:40 pm
A few steps forward and few back.  Sigh...of COURSE the demon and man are the same, called Spike!  And of course they "both" love her or his chip not working on her uld have been the death of her at long last (and he wouldn't have gone on that soul search later for that matter had they not been in agreement)....aspects of the whole is all.

Lovely date.  Nice toss in about the human looking demons there.  I always love that part of Sunnydale that we rarely saw but a glimpse of on the show.

Thanks.  Yep, I think there's a lot to be explored in old Sunnydale - before it all went crash, anyway.

02/15/2008 04:45 pm
It's !good to see Buffy actually enjoying Spike's company
It is, isn't it?  Didn't happen all that often - not that she was willing to admit to, anyway.

02/15/2008 12:11 am
Thanks for another lovely update, sorry for the typo in my earlier review. Things like that drive me crazy!
Hee! Didn't even notice a typo. Just the nice review.

03/25/2008 07:40 pm
It was lovely,so I loved it!

03/09/2008 03:42 am
Very sexy - Liked the way Buffy is having things hard too when the friends are around.  Her own damn fault.
Yep. Serves her right, doesn't it?

02/15/2008 08:28 pm
What a wonderfully written sex scene!  I am in awe cause it is hard to do and you have done it without cliche or TMI or too little.

Love the tenderness, the yearning from them both.  They are both thrilled with the developments and more than a little afraid. 

Off to read the next.

Oh, thank you so much.  If you knew how much I struggle for that fine line... Hope you like the rest of it.

02/14/2008 07:54 pm
" . . . ready for what he was going to call a “date”."

This is so cute! I have to wonder if such a simple thing can possibly go off without a hitch. As if such a thing is possible . . .
We'll see, won't we?  Probably "without a hitch" would be a little much to ask for, but it could turn out OK...

02/14/2008 06:50 pm
Nice Valentine's story.  Loved the last line haha.
Thanks. The day's not over yet...

02/14/2008 05:08 pm
Thanks for making this Valtentine's Day a little sweeter!
Thanks for reading.

02/14/2008 05:01 pm
Yay!! We like dates!
LOL - the date is beginning...

Time of Change
02/14/2008 04:57 pm
I'm liking this a lot!
I'm glad you are. I hope you continue to like it.

02/14/2008 02:53 pm
Thanks for the Valentine's present!!!  Very true to form, if a little too nice on Buffy's part....but then it is a holiday that only comes once a year.
Exactly - once day a year she gets to be all girly and non-bitchy.

02/14/2008 02:41 pm
The best Valentine's Day Spike's ever had!
So far, it is...

Pam S
02/14/2008 02:20 pm
Waiting for the date..

I'm glad you enjoyed it.  The date is now posted.