If Wishes were Spikes, Buffy would have Two by Sotia

07/28/2010 12:35 am
all i can say is................so.....very........HOT!

Thank you so VERY much :D


01/23/2009 11:08 pm
glad you are writing the sequel. if not i would have missed this fun read, thank you.
Thank you, very-very much!

10/11/2008 11:47 pm
...That was marvelous! I implore you to write that sequel you mentioned.    -SBS
Thank you so very much! I'm really glad you liked!

And I WILL write the sequel. I'll start on it as soon as I'm done with my current long fic (it only has a couple of chapters to go). It may take a while before I post, however, since I want to stock up in chapters first - I hate making people wait between updates, and RL is currently hectic :-(

Thank you again,

04/14/2008 06:52 am
Oh my giddy god, my fantasies of a spike/william slash have been put into writing. I love you for making this!
Oh, hun, there's a lot more Spike/William slash out there (and i have to say better than mine), but I'm so glad you liked this!!! Thank you very much!

03/30/2008 01:58 am
(Before reading)
I broke into laughters just as I read the title.It also made me remember James in "Smallville" If you watched him,you'd remember there were 4 of him. *Smiling like mad* 4 James. *Sighing dreamily* Hee...:D

(Time passes,me reads this fic)
Oh,my dear God... What the fu... I mean,how-you... I can't breathe...
YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I swear I've never read something like this. Whoa and woww... I felt like I was back to the times when I was reading my first fanfictions.Those were good ones and were very similar to this one.But this one is one helluva one...This is the one!
Oh,gosh,I don't know what I'm saying,sorry,just writing everything I'm feeling.
As you can tell by my mumblings,I loved it. Really,absolutely,definetely loved it. Although I'm not one to share partners,you made me read this from the start to the end. I have nothing else to do but respect and admire you after bringing such a monogamist like me down.
I always enjoyed Spangel,well,not as much as I enjoyed Spuffy,but close. Now,Spilliam... Nothing's ever gonna be --nor feel-- better.Damn you!See what you did to me,how am I suppossed to sleep now? You took all my sleep away.Oh,well *sighs* I'll just be dreamin' about the sequel:D
Thank you so much for sharing this:)
OH MY GOD!!! I've been away from the internet for two long, painful days but you just erased all the heartache with this bloody marvelous review!

Seriously, my face is now running the risk of splitting in two because of the huge grin plastered on it! Thank you so very much, I'm ecstatic you liked it so much and I just hope you'll like the sequel (when posted) even half as much.

Thank you again, you reaaaaaally made my week!

*hugs and squee-s*

03/28/2008 01:48 pm
Oh I just love this, it reminds me of Kantayra's 'Double Spiked'... but in a good way. I'm another reader who is adamant there has to be a sequel with a 'proper' story. Please...
Thank you so much! I loved Kantayra's 'Double Spiked', and my writing could never be compared to hers, but I was hoping the plot was original enough, so I'll choose to believe that is what you meant by 'but in a good way' :-P

There will be a sequel, but not yet, thank again, I'm really glad you liked it!


03/13/2008 04:29 pm
I am VERY interested in a sequel - this was wonderful!
Thank you SO much! I will write a sequel as soon as I'm done with what I'm currently writing and finish another story that's been on my mind for ages! :-D Again, thank you, I'm really glad you liked it!


03/13/2008 11:11 am
Well done Sotia. Loved every part of it. Especially two naked Spike's. Hope you write a sequel. One Spike is always good but two is better!
*blushes* Thank you honey!!! I'm ecstatic you liked it!!! I will write the sequel, just have to finish the story I'm writing now and get another (short) plot-bunny out of the way!

And the more (Spikes) the merrier :-D


PS. Hope you had a nice trip!!!

03/13/2008 05:06 am
Would definitely love a sequel :D
YAY! Thank you, I have something in mind, and I'll do my best to make it good :-D

03/13/2008 04:11 am
I love stories with two Spikes or Spike/William/Buffy and this one was well done and in a way I haven't read before.  I'd love a sequel (please, please, please ; )

~Ghost Writer
Thank you, I am beyond happy that you liked this! I will write a sequel, but it might be a couple of months. I hope I won't disappoint you!!

03/13/2008 02:20 am
Ewww! Sooo glad we used protection!*-  LOL - you have set a new bar for grossout.  And, what plot holes?
LOL! Yeah, that was pretty yucky! *giggles* Glad you didn't find any plot holes (and hey, I'm not pointing them out to you if you didn't, LOL, oh well, ok...) but there are a couple... well maybe not holes per se... well there are things that need explaining, like let's say how past Spike is there and the past hasn't changed. That's what I meant by it.