Wait for Me by superscar

02/18/2010 01:46 am
Chapter Two         
oh... you really should continue writing this...  i loved it

08/04/2009 10:13 pm
Chapter Two         
 please continue, I would be very interested to see how you handle the next chapter. 
enjoyed the first two chapters.

05/30/2008 03:31 am
Chapter Two         
Dry humped a vampire.  - ROFLMAO - Spike certainly got some mileage out of one cheap feel.  Loved it.
And even that was probably wasted energy.  Just him being there would be exciting enough, I should think.  At least for me!

05/30/2008 12:44 am
Chapter Two         
distraction should do it. very good read, thank you.
You're welcome, thanks for reading!

05/29/2008 06:28 pm
Chapter Two         
I can't wait to see how Buffy tries to distract him! Maybe she'll try to act like her costume has taken over her, too? Considering her inexperience and Spike's sense of humor, that would be something to see! Very interesting chapter, and Cordy with Buffy is great, especially knowing about vampires. But shame on you for cutting it off before we really got to see Spike!
Can't wait for more, please update soon!
That *would* be something, wouldn't it? 

05/29/2008 03:02 pm
Chapter Two         
Go go, Buffy, use those feminine wiles!  Also lovin' how Cordelia figures out what's up with Buffy.  =D

Can't wait for more!
That may have been me projecting myself into Cordy.  I could never tell the difference between left and right.  I have to read the L on my hands or whatever. 

Thanks for reading!

05/29/2008 02:48 pm
Chapter Two         
Really interesting start. You've got her fear down really well. Can't wait for more.
Oh, good.  There's an interesting balance going on in her head so I'm glad you think it worked, thanks much!

05/30/2008 03:20 am
Chapter One         
Oh no!  Spike is a tease.  Harmony the Vampire Slayer - you may have launched a new Verse.  LOL
Damn, that would have been a good title.

04/02/2008 07:42 pm
Chapter One         
Nice, I love strong!Spike
Mmm... me too.

03/30/2008 07:40 am
Chapter One         
love that spike has his third slayer. he seems to have buffy too. very good first chapter.
Well, he has me, for sure.  We'll see about Buffy.  Thanks for reading!!

03/30/2008 03:45 am
Chapter One         
Great start - sorry you had to kill off Harmony the Vampire Slayer so fast. 
Yeah, it has a ring, doesn't it?  So wrong it could be right?

03/26/2008 03:09 am
Chapter One         
Awesome set-up for a kick-ass story. The Harmony as a Slayer thing threw me a little (she seems completely undeserving) but it all fell into place eventually. Please update soon!
Well, I think she's totally worthy of...being Spike's food.    That's a pretty lofty accomplishment, actually.  One of three!

03/25/2008 11:13 pm
Chapter One         
A very impressive start. I can't wait for the next update!  Your evil Spike already grabbed my attention and I can't wait to see more of him, especially dealing with the tasty little blond he's apparently planning on turning, but is waiting for something... I've got to know what thoughts are going through his head! Wonderful Buffy characterization, staying her even without being the Slayer.
I'm glad you liked the Buffy characterization!  That's the hardest thing with a new fandom, so I'm really excited you think it works!  I love evil Spike too, what's not to like? 

03/25/2008 09:45 pm
Chapter One         
Wow - you sure got rid of Harmony quickly. Wonder where you'll go from here.
I just couldn't see her winning a fight that Buffy would have lost herself without Joyce.  Sort of stretching it that she survived up til then, actually, but hopefully that can be accepted for the sake of the story. 

03/25/2008 05:11 pm
Chapter One         
Great job with the introduction to the characters and love how we got caught up on Buffy by just seeing her with Cordelia, a few sentences and thoughts with Harmony, and the blush when Spike calls for the drink virgin *G*  Having Spike wanting to turn her, too, so we know he doesn't think of Buffy as just a meal to play with, opens a up a lot more possibilities without letting us in yet on what Spike's thinking and feelings. Can't wait to read more!
Thanks so much!  I was so glad to see this review!  I was bouncing around, "It worked, it worked!  Check it out!"  And then my cat just gave me that look, like it wasn't clear why she was hanging out with me.

03/25/2008 04:24 pm
Chapter One         
Oh yeah, you have a good one here ......
God, I hope so.  In my head, it is.  The trip to paper is the big concern.

03/25/2008 02:05 pm
Chapter One         
 Leather draped over him like original sin and he looked intimately versed in the best kind of bad.

There hasn't ever been a better leather line written about the beloved.  You are delightful to have thought to write this about Spike!!  You got my curiousity up about what happens next.  Harmony as slayer?? ohmy!!
Thanks so much for validating all the blood, sweat, tears and laptop replacement costs.  Much appreciated!!!