As You Are by BloodStainedSnow

10/23/2013 12:57 am
Chapter Three         

Very good!   I do hope you finish this!     I always hated the way the show handled this part, and always thought Spike deserved a chance at the very least.    Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

06/03/2008 06:49 am
Chapter Three         
NICE to read this again -

04/13/2008 05:02 pm
Chapter Three         

Great story, will be waiting, hopeing and wishing for a speedy sequal 
Thank you!

04/12/2008 02:38 am
Chapter Three         
I've just read all three chapters and I really enjoyed them.  This is a great beginning - looking forward to the sequel.
It's great to know you enjoyed the story.  Thanks for reviewing!

04/10/2008 07:57 pm
Chapter Three         
Excellent First Part - I actually love Spike as A Good Man sans soul - while the arc of self- recreation and his journey to Africa is a wonderful part of the canon, the idea that Spike did not have to be en-souled to find win his battle for Spike/William vs Spike/Demon has a great sense of the heroic and a totally different and grand theme as well.

Hope that you will start your sequel soon - I look forward to see just who or what wants to guide him -
I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  Souled Spike was great, but I always thought he could really make a big transformation without it if he had someone who believed in him.  I'm working on the sequel now, and hopefully will make some good progress.  Thanks for reading and reviewing

04/10/2008 02:15 pm
Chapter Three         
Grrrrr.....I wonder who it was. I hope you start the sequel soon. I'm gonna take a guess and say it is Riley, The First, Drusilla or Angel. 
Hee hee, I'm glad I left you wondering   I'm working on the sequel and another story, but it may be a bit slow-going.  Thanks for the review!

04/10/2008 06:39 am
Chapter Three         
Well done.  I'll be looking forward to the sequel.
Thanks for reviewing.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

04/09/2008 07:20 pm
Chapter Three         
“I don’t care what you were going to get or what you were going to do. I want you just as you are.”

Buffy couldn't have said anything better to Spike.  She's accepting him as he is.  Perfect.

Thanks for the kind review.  I always felt that if given the chance, Spike could be what Buffy needed even without a soul. 

04/09/2008 05:44 pm
Chapter Three         
AHA  the FE indeed!  Door closed to oportunity at the moment.

Lovely way to tie it up and even though I like Spike with soul (and every other version for that matter) I love that Buffy has told him that he is fine as is.  YAY.


The door's closed for now, but evil types are always looking any small opening   Thanks for reading and reviewing.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it and liked Buffy's acceptance of Spike.

04/09/2008 04:46 pm
Chapter Three         
Great job on a lovely story!  I'll be looking forward to the sequel.
Thank you!  So glad you enjoyed

04/10/2008 07:37 pm
Chapter Two         
"She could worry about the new evil power later. Right now, she had to get to Spike before he became a “what if” that would haunt her forever."

NICE LINE - very much enjoying this piece - now on to the rest

LOVE your Clem -
Thanks for reviewing and pointing out what you liked.

04/04/2008 05:36 pm
Chapter Two         
Hum....could it be the FE perhaps?  Interesting development here.  Would serve Buffy right to miss Spike and realize what she has to lose VERY clearly. 

Nice chapter, good fight scene with the vamp assassins.  Clem was on the money.  Good voices, imagine Spike will be unnerved by his encounter....and rightly so.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.  I always appreciate hearing that my characters and voices are working.  As for your speculation, more story is coming soon but perhaps not all the answers yet

04/04/2008 11:17 am
Chapter Two         
At first I thought that really was Buffy at the station and was ready to rant!  Nice twist.  She's got some nerve to be angry at Clem though.
That would be too easy, wouldn't it?  I'm glad you enjoyed the twist.  Thanks for the review.

04/04/2008 04:47 am
Chapter Two         

The Slayer never gets a break. Great chapter, I'm looking forward to the next soon!

Thanks for the review!

04/04/2008 04:25 am
Chapter Two         
Good Buffy-vamp argument.  Don't think Buffy would say bollix - sounds a little too British for her.  Good story.  Hope you'll post more soon.

I don't think it's a Buffy word either, but I was trying to show that her relationship with Spike has influenced her, even though it took her a long time to realize.  When two people spend time together, they sometimes pick up each other's getures or phrases, but perhaps that wasn't so obvious here haha.  Thanks for reviewing!

04/04/2008 04:19 am
Chapter One         
“I don’t deserve her,”  - That was wonderfully sad.  And LOL at Clem "seemed alright." 
Thanks for reviewing and mentioning what you specifically liked.

04/02/2008 09:32 pm
Chapter One         
Wonderful start....wish she had the sense this Buffy has!

Have a feeling he's headed to Africa.  Can't wait to find out.

Hope she sets her friends straight before he returns at the very least.

Glad you like my Buffy.  I've been watching season 6 lately and wanted to make it more to my liking  

04/02/2008 08:30 am
Chapter One         
Interesting start, curious to see how you proceed with it.
Thanks for taking the time to review!

04/02/2008 03:21 am
Chapter One         
I'm glad to know the story is completed so you'll be posting regularly. You're off to a great start...can't wait to see if he makes his getaway! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for reading and reviewing.  More is coming soon

04/02/2008 02:31 am
Chapter One         
Really liked your glimpse of Clem. Buffy's thoughts were very well done and her sadness so clear. But we all know she's not going to get there in time, and I look forward to seeing how she reacts to Spike leaving, and what Clem will tell her. And Spike... I can't wait to see what Spike is going to do!  Great beginning.
Glad you're enjoying it so far, and thanks so much for the positive feedback!

04/02/2008 01:33 am
Chapter One         

Intriguing start....

Thanks for reviewing!