Three Unconnected Drabbles by hellbound

04/06/2008 10:36 pm
3 drabbles         
I liked all 3, but my favourite, both on first readin and then on re-reading is the first one.
Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed them, even re-read them, cool. Also glad you liked the first one, it was hardest to cut that one.

04/04/2008 06:55 pm
3 drabbles         

What you wrote the second--is so touching and genuine it almost gave tears.  In the short breath of your very tender bit, you captured the essence of Buffy and painted a lovely portrait in abstencia of Spike.  She is so battered isn't she?  So alone in some ways--you showed that "with perfect clarity" in that last line.

Drabble three--addresses all those things that do not add up to what Spike is and also defines him spot on.   Thanks for your hard work--clever crafter you are and agile, the economy of your efforts is stunning!!  Had no clue I would like so well what you wrote. 

The first is good too love, make no mistake--point is clear, goal achieved.  The second and third are the gut grabbers--thanks.

Wow, thanks so much for the review. I'm glad you liked them so well and that 2and 3 got to you.

04/04/2008 04:36 pm
3 drabbles         
never keep your issues with your academic writing to yourself. we must spread the pain. I think I liked the 'idea' of the first best - I can see them being able to just sit together like that but not being able to explain it and I think the second develops really nicely and so the "it won't hurt when he leaves" line is really introspective and poignant. The last one makes me smile because its like she knows shes going to love him and she knows she's got to admit it to herself, but she's just not quite going there yet even though she kind of already has. Or at least, thats how my over-worked brain decided to interpret your pieces! nice job
Thank you for reviewing. Spread the pain? Can we do that? I mean they keep telling me that torture and murder is wrong. And I like your interpretations. They're very flattering.

04/04/2008 06:48 am
3 drabbles         
I think I liked the first one the best.  Something about it's simplicity and how it beautifully captures their relationship got to me. 

The last line of the second is great and heartbreaking when you consider things from Buffy's perspective.

The third's a bit more whimsical and fun, and I can picture her saying, "damn vampire" and being upset that he's actually nice.
Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked them. Especially 1, that one took alot of time to cut down. Can't you just hear the indignation in her voice, like she's personally offended by his lack of evilness?

04/04/2008 04:28 am
3 drabbles         
Liked 3 overall best, loved the last two lines of 2, maybe no 1 could use a little more angsty punch.
Thanks for the review! 3 huh? That one was the easiest to write, though not to pare (sp?) down. I am so glad you liked those lines. I was terribley proud of them and afraid they weren't nearly as good as I thought. And look, something to work on. Always fun.