Even Champions Need A Home by slaymesoftly

02/22/2012 08:17 pm
wow that waa really good but very abrupt. i hope there's more to come
Um, no. No desire to rewrite season 7. I just wanted to leave Spike and Buffy in a slightly better place than in canon. I'm glad you liked it. It was fun to write.

10/16/2008 04:19 pm
Short but good

spuffy chick
06/28/2008 05:38 pm
is there a sequel to this? it was really good! i enjoyed it!
I'm glad you liked it; but no sequel.  :)

05/15/2008 07:50 pm

Spike's spot on when he says 'if I'm crazy, she's not far behind'!!


05/14/2008 03:29 am
the way it should have been. very good read, thank you.
Thanks for reading! 

05/12/2008 05:34 am
*sniff* Wonderful story with a great ending. On the series, Buffy never really seemed to appreciate the lengths Spike went to in order to "give her what she deserved." I love the image of her holding him and comforting him when he was so broken. If only she could have been so tender in canon.
Thanks, sweetie. I'm glad you like it.  Yes, with all her ranting about souls and their importance, you'd think she might have been a bit more impressed that Spike loved her enough to go get one for her.  She did come to rely on him, trust him, and love him during the season, but it would have been nice to see her acknowledge what he'd done and give him some early appreciation for it.

05/09/2008 10:45 pm
The end? THE END? What nonsense is this? I know you said that you just wanted to give them a better start to season 7, but a start can be a bit longer than this! I need the Scooby confrontation and Buffy sticking up for Spike and telling Xander off for his bigoted attitude and nastiness in telling everyone what he *thinks* happened in the bathroom. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease give us a bit more?
LOL - I'm sorry. This seemed like a good place to end it.  Maybe I'll pick it up again one of these days.  Thanks for reading and liking it, though. :)

05/09/2008 05:45 pm
oh no - you can't do that!  not the end!  There's the potential for so much MORE!!!
LOL - potential, maybe. But time, energy and enthusiasm? Not so much.  Thanks for reading it and commenting, though.

05/09/2008 03:56 am
Home. What a beautiful concept, especially for season 7's Spike. Glad Dawn forgave him here...it always bothered me on the show that their easy camaraderie was gone in season 7.
Thanks. I'm glad you agree with my little attempt to "fix" some of the things that made life hard on our characters that season. :)

05/09/2008 01:14 am
Kinda sad for Dawn.

End already, huh? Well, at least Buffy's on the right track this time. Getting to talk to him without distraction before the others come in is a HUGE help.
Yep, I think she needed some down time in order to sort things out with Spike before it all goes to hell.  You're the second person to point out that it's sad for Dawn - and that's true, it is a bit sad - but don't forget, in canon she's going to throw Buffy out of her own home in a few months. lol  Thanks for reading. :)

05/08/2008 08:05 pm
 Wonderful as always.  Just love the way you tell a tale.  The quick and witty banter is so real and well brilliantly written.  Thanks for another great story.
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.  Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. :)

05/08/2008 05:00 pm
Lovely story.  Wise Dawn.  Buffy was very in character and much like she seemed in the beginning of season6 you just had her make different decisions and have a nudge from pigpen.  I am also happy you had Dawn make up with Spike...that always saddened me on the show.

Excellent and COULD be expanded (hint hint LOL).

ROFL It could be - but probably not until school's out for the summer!  Too much to do right now. :)

05/14/2008 02:55 am
this is a hilarious.  great line you gave dawn to end the chapter. thanks for the fun read.
Hee! I'm glad you liked it. :)

05/08/2008 04:33 am
You can’t see it, you daft bint. - LMAO!  Great Spuffy conversation.  Good thing Dawn came back to referee.
He may be crazy, but he's still willing to call Buffy on her mistakes. :)

05/08/2008 03:48 am
This is the way it should have been in canon!
Would have been a refreshing change, wouldn't it?  Thanks for commenting. :)

05/08/2008 12:14 am
Love the last exchange! And Dawn might have matured and been willing to listen, but Buffy is definitely going to have to make with the 'splainy. Great update, and I thought the conversation between Spike and Buffy was very true to the characters and honest to the events that happened, which is hard when Spike is drowning in guilt and Buffy loved denial and avoidance so much.
Great job!
Thank you.  I felt it was a conversation that needed to happen - a chance for each of them to do some apologizing and confessing.  I hope you like the rest of it. :)

05/08/2008 12:08 am
LOL Dawn...cut to the chase.

Love his going in and out of crazy and the story goes from heartbreak to funny along with it.  Their banter just sounds right.

Your Buffy is so much nicer than on screen.  I hated how she treated him until the end of that season....cold and unfeeling where his very real suffering were concerned.  She never acknowledged the beating either, not once.  This one has bitchy moments but also is more honest and verbal.

Hope he isn't going to have to die and that isn't the reason the PTB have sent her to help him till then!

Doubt you'd be that cruel...you aren't Joss (THANK GOD).

LOL No, I'm not. If I were, I'd be much richer - and balding, and...nevermind.  This is just a little ficlet with a twist on how he gets found and what happens to him then - nothing elaborate.  I'm assuming it will end the same way, but who knows? Feel free to imagine whatever kind of season conclusion that you'd like. :)

05/07/2008 11:54 pm
Loved it...more soon!
Thanks. All done, now!

05/07/2008 11:00 pm
*big honkin' grin*

I like this alternate start of the season a LOT.
Thanks. I'm glad you're liking it so far. :)

10/16/2008 04:01 pm
Good start on the story and lol at 'to be or not to be that is the question'
Thanks - hope you like the rest of it. :)

05/08/2008 04:20 am
Loved Pipgpen Harry - I'd like to see more of a description of him and more of how Buffy takes Spike's hand might be nice, too.  Buffy is excellent and totally awesome banner.
Thanks!  The banner is wonderful, isn't it?  I love it.  I don't think Harry's going to hang around long, but we'll see. :)

05/08/2008 03:30 am
Loved the dialogue...even Spike as crazy vamp.  Harry seems as if he might be very helpful.
Yeah, but I doubt he's going to hang around long enough to be helpful. I don't think Buffy is his favorite human. LOL  Thanks for reading and commenting.

05/07/2008 11:49 pm
Boy she really needs to learn to listen!  Pigpen...um... Harry told her about the soul and the how's of it.  Dense girl, thick as a stump.

Love the wordplay between Harry and Buffy.  Very in character for her and his snark is priceless (love his "What a shocker" had me both laughing out loud and offering a resounding "amen" of my own.)

How on earth did I miss this one?  Ah well, the better to enjoy it now.

LOL - I don't know that you missed it - I'm just putting it up here. It was on Seasonal Spuffy, though a week ago. :)  I'm glad you like my characters and their snarking. :)

05/07/2008 02:23 pm
Interesting... Very good portrayal of crazy Spike. Look forward to more.
Thank you. I hope you like the rest of it.

05/07/2008 10:06 am
nice!!  i like it! please updaet soon!
The other chapters are up - it just isn't showing up as updated on the list.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

05/07/2008 06:51 am
I love where you seem to be going with this, and I wonder if Buffy will think on Henry's words about Heaven's Chosen One's own friends not trusting her judgment. What will Xander's reaction to Spike be? And I so, so hope Buffy tells Dawn something! I always like seeing in pain, newly-souled Spike being treated better than he was on the show, and more fairly or at all addressing the issues of season 6 besides the bathroom scene, where Buffy's behavior does deserve to be brought up! Grr, that still bothers me how they ignored her actions. But that's why I love reading fanfic-- we get to show how it should have happened!
Big fan of all your fics and happy to be reading a new one! Looking forward to the next update!
Thanks. I hope you like the rest of it.  The site seems to be having some issues, what with not telling me I had any reviews, and not showing the updates. 

05/07/2008 03:55 am
Well, that's a unique way to start it, with Whistler's help....

poor Crazy Spike....
He'll get better...Thanks for reading. :)

05/07/2008 02:55 am
So happy to see something new from you! Looking forward to the next update.
Thanks. I just realized I wasn't getting any review notices and thought I'd better check it out. I hope you like the rest of it. :)