Until the End of the World by Unbridled_Brunette

08/01/2015 04:27 pm
Until the End of the World         
Ouch.. The feels... 😢

03/16/2012 06:29 pm
Until the End of the World         
This was beautifully written as suits your style.  The idea of throwing Spike a bone is repulsive and Buffy knows it.  But she still got caught up in it without hurting Spike.  All cards were on the table so no possible pain, right?  But I feel sorry for Spike.  

03/08/2012 12:59 pm
Until the End of the World         

Adoring your story...
12/07/2008 05:27 am
Until the End of the World         
So raw and tender, it made my teeth hurt. I had to stop between paragraphs to breathe and savor every little bit by bit as slow as humanly possible; damn, that was good.

12/03/2008 05:13 am
Until the End of the World         
Wow...just...wow.  This was so sweet, poignant, sad and lovely at the same time!

Secret Slayer
09/21/2008 12:27 am
Until the End of the World         
wow! i loved this! it was so well written!
Thank you! I'm flattered you feel that way.

09/15/2008 09:52 am
Until the End of the World         
I know this was meant to be an one-shot, but what about a sequel After surviving the battle with Glory, the awkward balance or unbalance relationship would be totally interesting...
Thanks for the review! A sequel would definitely be interesting, but the problem is that I'm not sure I could wrap it up as a one-shot. I did toy with the idea of reworking the concept into a multi chapter fic. Maybe once FtTP is finished ...

07/01/2008 10:00 am
Until the End of the World         
That was so beautiful I cried. Thankyou.

Perhaps a sequel is in order to follow up on Buffy's, not Spike's death, and her resurection... true he'll want so much more, but is she willing to give it?
Thank you! I actually considered turning this into a mult-chapter story, but I won't be working on it until FtTP is completed.

05/22/2008 03:49 am
Until the End of the World         
Okay...*sob*...that was absolutely heartbreaking; and I can absolutely see this happening; it's such a Joss moment; to give that much and then snatch it away again...*sob*...  amazing.  Simply amazing.

05/15/2008 08:20 pm
Until the End of the World         
Ever the Slayer, but at least she thought the thought!

05/14/2008 09:14 pm
Until the End of the World         
beautiful read. loved buffy's thoughts at the end.

05/12/2008 07:18 pm
Until the End of the World         
“Nobody can find out,” she whispered when they reached the center of the room and she released his hand.

These were the most heartbreaking lines for me - within all the beauty, love, sympathy, understanding and connections that happen, these few words give the "Reality Check" that never really let's us forget their past and future in the series.

Excellent Work - how I loved this vampire man and his heart - why I loved and continue to love his story.  

While I know and accept the horrors and emotional trauma the writers chose for his journey,  I will always wish that Buffy and Spike had found the truly great love that was there just waiting for her to discover and embrace.  

Even with all the great metaphors and visual symbolism, and understanding that their story was so beyond even a "grand romance" - I would have loved to see some moments of real romantic happiness come from their relationship instead of their endless sorrows.

05/12/2008 10:32 am
Until the End of the World         
What you wished had happened.  I really feel that you gave them both succor.  It's bittersweet, tender and probably reminiscent for many people the time that they might willingly sacrifice nobility for one that is willing to sacrifice all for them.  Just lovely!

05/12/2008 03:57 am
Until the End of the World         
Wonderfully romantic and painful UB.

05/11/2008 08:22 pm
Until the End of the World         
Sweet Spike, you wrote him with shy charm and that is somehow pleasing.  Buffy felt like a victum of fate and nobody as passionate as these two deserve to give or get a mercy shag.  Your words are lucious and well crafted. To my mind, the story is fine for what you intended, not a telling of favorite to me.   Thank you for your work.

Miss. Onyx
05/11/2008 05:17 pm
Until the End of the World         
Very Very nice! and a pleasant surprise to see something beyond FtTP. This is just as poignant as anything you've ever written. EPIC LURVE!!! >_<

05/11/2008 01:51 am
Until the End of the World         
  Awwww, so very sad and sweet...giving a moment for Spike in all of that.  She really did start to see him towards the end, see what he could be.  I can't help but wonder what would have happened to the two of them if Buffy's view of him hadn't been clouded by her own death and bitterness. 

  Wonderful little one-shot, will probably keep me thinking all day.

05/10/2008 11:37 pm
Until the End of the World         
As usual you win me over with the well articulated emtions. Something about Spike laying his heart out in the open that gets to me.

Hmm favorite line..tough one. I can't decide so I have two.

1. I treat him like a man? Buffy thought in astonishment. When’s that? When I’m waling on him or using him for information?

Thanks for pointing this fact out. I still hate this aspect of Buffy's character. She still hasn't changed if you've read the comic. I find her hypocritical and selfish in so many ways, but let's not go there.

2. “Tonight,” he echoed in a tight voice. “Just tonight.”
A wealth of emotion and meaning in him saying that. I can just see him trying to convince himself but of course wanting more.

I'm loving these one shots that you post at your lj and here. Wonderflul. And you did a nice job finishing the "O" scene. Straight and to the point. Wouldn't even know it was causing you a writers block. 

05/10/2008 09:28 pm
Until the End of the World         
No matter what she was rationalizing, that still sounded like a "I want to die having been really loved at least one time" shag. I really enjoy reading timid, insecure Spike. I think it's the tamed arrogance thing that gets me every time.

05/10/2008 09:09 pm
Until the End of the World         
This was beautiful. I'm choosing to believe that no one dies here and that a future is possible for them because of what Buffy chose to give to Spike. Yes, she gave him expectations of what could happen once the battle was over, but wouldn't it be just that extra incentive to make him fight that little bit harder that would save everything? 

05/10/2008 07:31 pm
Until the End of the World         
Really nice sweet-sour portrayal of a Buffy POV, with the hesitations, sudden sharp anger, generosity, concern, and casual cruelty all well displayed and focused on a single event. I'd like to see how you might craft a story that makes this person change their opinions about different things: something that occurs over a range of time, in response to a variety of stimuli. Nice job.

05/10/2008 04:05 pm
Until the End of the World         
oh wow Great start!  can't wait to see where you go with it!

05/10/2008 01:54 pm
Until the End of the World         
See? Told ya everybody would love it. *nods wisely*  Real emotions win out over pRon every time!

05/10/2008 12:39 pm
Until the End of the World         
Aww damn it! You've got me all misty eyed!

Lovely piece, even if it breaks my heart. Poor Spike. Poor Buffy.

05/10/2008 11:24 am
Until the End of the World         

What a beautifully written, tender story....full of longing and desire. You did a wonderful job portraying both characters, great job!

05/10/2008 10:31 am
Until the End of the World         
Heartbreaking but brilliant. I can definitely imagine her giving him one night, thinking they're all going to die anyway. Spike was absolutely perfectly written in this: hesitant, shy, loving.... Lovely lovely lovely.

05/10/2008 10:12 am
Until the End of the World         
What Buffy did, what she wanted to give to Spike, a fond memory, in case he died, or she died, was a very nobel thing to do. But Buffy is right. If they both live, he will want so much more.

I really want to see where you take this story.