A Dream Come True? by Mabel Marsters

09/14/2009 02:08 am
A Dream Come True?         
Thank you :D

06/30/2008 11:06 am
A Dream Come True?         
Wow! That was so amazing. Hot, fun and so sweet!!! A sequel perhaps... The rescue and then another fun round of Spuffy??? :D :P
Hi Cate, thanks for reading and for letting me know that you liked it.  I have dabbled with a sequel but it seemed a little odd with a chapter of rescue and then a chapter of smut!  I think that I need to have another play with it! LOL

06/11/2008 04:00 am
A Dream Come True?         
fantastic read, thank you.
Glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know :)

06/10/2008 10:57 pm
A Dream Come True?         
that was bloody brilliant!!!!
Wow Sas!  Thank you so much!! Tell your friends to read it! LOL.  Appreciate you letting me know as it is out of my comfort zone!! Tee hee!! :)