The Longest Summer by slaymesoftly

02/23/2012 08:33 pm
one shot         
and again very sweet
Thank you. :)

04/28/2009 07:13 pm
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lovely, just lovely.
Thank you. ;)

07/12/2008 02:22 pm
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Very touching and funny at the same time.
Thank you. I'm glad  you liked it.

07/09/2008 10:15 pm
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great complement to the other 4th of july scene. thanks for the fun read.
I'm glad you thought so. Thanks!

07/09/2008 06:46 pm
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Yes dear the UNLIKELY event there is any complaint or correction I would say.  I never pick anything to pieces but wouldn't say something I didn't mean (compliment or otherwise) or let a big error go without comment.  Just bask in the realization that you don't muff it and always deliver wonderful stories.

:) Thank you. I'm glad you find them so.  *hugs*

07/09/2008 06:14 pm
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A nice moment.
Thank you.

07/09/2008 04:56 pm
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Oh I do like this one.  Every voice was perfect!  Willow is already falling into the trap that snared her in S6 and that is also in character.  Love Spike with the vampire abilities they so often forget...funny how often they did seem to forget he was a vampire (even juding his actions based on human standards unlike Angelus!)...except of course when it was in their interests to point out his status that is.

Love the bond between he and Dawn.  Love his connection to Tara (and her understandabe in character that no one has seen fit to explain to her the change!).

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I so look forward to your thoughtful and specific reviews.  You would tell me if/when you found something not to like, wouldn't you? Please?

07/09/2008 08:56 am
one shot         
aw. i liked that one too. maybe even more. poor spike though. just a year ago he was doin the same thing with buffy......
Yep - extra sad moment for him.  Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it. :)

07/09/2008 05:29 am
one shot         
Very nice.  Again.  Sad, without Buffy, but lovely, just the same.  Loved Spike and Xander's exchange.  LOL!
Thanks - yeah, hard to be cheerful when she's gone, but I think they were closer when she was than they were after she got back...