Back Porch by Lirazel

03/05/2012 04:06 pm
Back Porch         
This is lovely.
12/29/2011 09:21 pm
Back Porch         
Very, very beautiful. I'm a little confused as to why his duster wouldn't fit right, but other than that everything seemed pretty tied up. I like the lack of an Immortal in this story and Buffy's emotional journey centering around the Back Porch was something new, very unique and very touching. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this.

08/24/2009 01:09 am
Back Porch         
ooo... thank you!

08/05/2009 05:18 pm
Back Porch         
This was so beautiful. I hope one day they do get to find that "back porch".

07/07/2009 09:16 am
Back Porch         
Thank you! It has been a long time since I've cried over a story from start to end and I'm talking real big tears all over my cheeks. That was absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, again!

01/16/2009 12:34 am
Back Porch         
 OK, now I'm going to have to track down all your stories.  This is so good!  I love the imagery.  I winced a little at the "realtor" - we call them estate agents - but then realised it was Buffy speaking, so she would use American term.  Otherwise - OK, off to read it again.

10/03/2008 10:15 am
Back Porch         
This is the first fic I've read, (and the first fic that I've reviewed, for that matter) in a *very* long time.  I'm glad to have come across it.  Great job.

09/16/2008 05:52 am
Back Porch         
That was really really beautiful. Just simple and sweet. Lovely to read.

08/31/2008 04:39 am
Back Porch         
This is absolutely beautiful. You made me see and feel everything. Thank you for the cry, I needed it, and thank you for their contentment because, well, you know they need it so badly.

08/22/2008 05:03 pm
Back Porch         
I don't usually read the pg fics , but maybe I should. This one is lovely and touching.  Thanks.

08/15/2008 05:06 pm
Back Porch         
beautiful.  Thanks.  Great imagery. 

07/27/2008 03:02 pm
Back Porch         
Absolutely lovely. Beautifully written and a perfect little vignette. I hope for more but it's brilliant as it is.

07/26/2008 09:04 am
Back Porch         
This was a really nice story. It had some fresh ideas, and was cognizant of Buffy's unique point of view. Because she is the Slayer, with access to "Slayer dreams"  it makes sense that she would be able to hope against all odds, for Spikes return. I really loved the low-key but powerful silent reunion on the porch.  I liked this story so much that I looked to see if you had any others, and was happy to see one more.  I hope that you continue to add to your selection of stories,  these are good, and you have a very realistic touch. Thank you, for the read!

07/26/2008 03:52 am
Back Porch         
lovely thought. beautiful read, thank you.

07/26/2008 01:29 am
Back Porch         
That was the perfect new beginning for Buffy and Spike - no recriminations or conflict, but simple acceptance and hope.  Sigh...

07/25/2008 11:40 pm
Back Porch         
This touched my heart  and brought tears to my eyes as I learned the value of memories exactly six years  ago this week when I suddenly lost my home with most everything in it as well as our beloved pets.  This couldn't have come at a better nor more appropriate time as far as I am concerned.  Thank you so much!

07/25/2008 11:27 pm
Back Porch         
That was just lovely; thanks for sharing!

07/25/2008 10:13 pm
Back Porch         
That was absolutely beautiful.

07/25/2008 09:25 pm
Back Porch         
Beautiful writing.  Loved that Buffy was making a place for Spike.

07/25/2008 08:31 pm
Back Porch         
That was just perfect and beautiful. I love that she was making a place for Spike, and how there was no big reunion. They just simply sat side by side. Great work.

07/25/2008 08:01 pm
Back Porch         
you have a beautiful writing style and this was a particularly lovely piece. i really enjoyed it.