In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 22. Breaking Xander

08/28/2008 08:53 pm
fine read, thank you. love the lines: “You broke Xander.” and "She knew it was wrong...."
Thank you.  I'm glad you liked it!

08/28/2008 03:21 am
Wheee!  I get all mushy.
: )  I'm glad that I could get you to feel all mushy.  LOL!

08/27/2008 03:02 am
Awesome! I'm really into this story, and the timely updating
Thank you so much.  I'm so glad you like my story!  I'm trying very had to have at least one chapter up every five days or so. : )

08/27/2008 01:22 am
yay, kissage is good! lovely chappie. i just really can't wait til she tells him about the baby... which we all know is his... loved it!
Thank you.  I'm so glad that you liked the chapter.    Thank you so much for reading and letting me know that you liked it.

08/27/2008 01:00 am
Catching up on all my favorite stories!

Well Buffy is at least admitting she finds him attractive!  Boy is she thick as a plank at times.  Everyone else can see Spike's emotions...EVEN Xander!  She needs to get past her issues for the baby's sake.  Willow's words were well said, Spike is not Angel!  Time Buffy start to admit what she really already knows.

Loved the encounters with Giles and Xander as Spike's feelings go public.  So stupid to think that Xander and Anya were acceptable backup for a targeted Slayer...Giles is a doofus so often.  Spike will be her shadow no matter what the others think of it.  His girl will be kept safe and when he figures out about the baby there will be no force on earth to stop him from taking out every demon that might pose a threat.

Love the roomie situation with Clem and that Spike's little friend is going to remain a part of his day to day life.....oreo's included LOL.

Just wonderful as always.  Excellent updates.

Thank you, Kathleen.  I'm so glad you are enjoying the story.  Even if Buffy is a little slow to step on board the Spike train. 

08/26/2008 10:27 pm
yay for the smoochies, and Buffy's being cute  with her worries about the baby.  She has to tell someone other than Willow though.

LOL Xander was sweet.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the "smoochies".  LOL!