In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 26. Messed Up

01/18/2010 03:29 am
Maaany paint Xander as Overly obtuse and prejudice in many stories but I like that he isn't, in this one you are a more original writer and I am enjoying your story. thank you! you are very talented
Thank you very much.    I must admit that Xander is one of my least favorite characters on the show.  But, I don't see the point of character bashing.  He wasn't all bad.

09/15/2008 10:04 pm
what? xander trying to stop buffy from dusting spike? very good read, thank you.
  Didn't see that coming, did you? 

09/12/2008 05:27 am
I hate you for leaving us here - Great Update.  Buffy and Giles can be really their own worst enemies at times.   

Thanks loads for giving us another chapter - I like that you Spike trying to live without the ring, more to prove to himself that he can control himself than his proving it to Buffy and her friends. 
LOL!  I know, I have a habit of doing cliffhangers.

Thanks for reading!

09/12/2008 01:48 am
save spike xander! do it! do it! brilliant chappie! cant wait to see how this one goes over! and i really cant wait for buffy to tell spike shes preggers and hes the daddy... loved it!
Thank you.   So glad you liked the chapter.  More to come soon.

09/11/2008 09:21 pm

What  riveting update - certainly looking forward to the next!

  Thank you.  I'm glad you liked it.

09/11/2008 08:21 pm
From bad to worse - and all Giles' fault.  I hope he gets to regret his actions, big time!  And Xander has a chance to redeem himself.  Please... but Buffy has so little faith in Spike: that's sad.  Fab chapter.
Thank you.  More to come soon

09/11/2008 08:20 pm
aaah!  why is your story so amazing?  how do you keep making it better and better with every chapter? 
What a nice thing to say!  Thank you so much.  Your comments have topped an already good day!
More to come very soon.

09/11/2008 08:13 pm
 god could you leave us with bigger hang over any way good chapie
  I know.  I'm very very bad.   I'm glad you liked the chapter and more coming very soon.

09/11/2008 08:00 pm
Dawn, you are evil. You better update soon, missy - that was just cruel!
*crackles*  I knew I would be called evil for this chapter's ending.  and I love it.  I think Spike would be proud.  But more on the way very soon.  Thanks for reading!

09/11/2008 07:59 pm
You must update this immediately.  It is so sickening that Buffy always assumes the worst about Spike.  It is really tiring.  Please let them have a real conversation sans sex.  Unless it is after the conversation.  However, it is your story and you do with it as you will I will keep reading and waiting.
  Thanks for reading.  Yes, things will be coming to a close, very soon.  I have just four chapters and an epilogue to post.  And there is a happy ending. 

09/11/2008 07:22 pm
Oh, come on. She is gonna stop just in time, right? Just above his heart? Or she is gonna miss. Or Xander is going to push Spike away, so she'll miss. Something like that XD Waiting for the next chapter.
LOL!  Thanks for reading.