In Harm's Way by dawnofme
Chapter: 27. Mr. Crankypire

09/20/2008 01:17 am
great ending to a very good chapter, thank you. never really enjoyed angel on btvs. on his show, he was much more enjoyable. (even the worst writer should recognize the title of the show.) have always enjoyed the spike -angel, spike- angelus moments.
I agree with you.  Loved Angel on his own show.  Loved him better with Spike and loved him even more when he was Angelus.

09/18/2008 07:42 am
This is why I never used to read WIP"s - Now I have to wait until your next update to find out what is going to happen.  I sure hope that Angel does not destroy the ring - Spike and Buffy are going to need that ring.

Wonderful new chapter and great to have Cordelia as part of it - NICE job with her character and Xander's too.
  Well, thanks for reading my WIP.  There's just a couple of chapters to go and it won't be long for the next update. 

09/15/2008 04:43 pm
I'm not very big fan when people put Angel on the middle of the story when is not necessery.... i still think your story is one of the best wips at the moment though... I will keep reading and hope you ahve an interesting twist now....
Thanks for saying you will keep reading. 
Putting Angel in the middle of the story was "nessacary" for me, because it's where my mind took me.  I can only write true to myself.    

09/15/2008 12:07 am
I like that you've got Xander being supportive without making him completely out of character, which is a very hard thing to do.  When there's so many other obstacles in the way of them getting together, I think people often overuse the friends thing, so I'm glad you've got them on her side.
I totally agree about the overuse of the "evil" friends thing.  And I'm thrilled that you think Xander is in character!  Thank you for saying so.  

09/14/2008 11:24 pm
Fabulous update, as always - can only imagine what he wants from Angel!
Thank you, Sanityfair.  The "as always"  make me smile.  I hope you enjoy the next chapter : )

09/14/2008 10:32 pm
great.... spike went to angel. well, as long as angel doesnt kill him, buffy should be able to find him there. and maybe there she'll tell spike she loves him and is carrying his baby! oh, that would be hilarious! to see angel's reaction.... lol! lovely chappie. go xan man.
: )  Thank you.  I'm glad you liked it. 

09/14/2008 06:58 pm
I don't blame Spike for going, Buffy won't listen to him anyway.  Only a Scooby's word is to be believed.
  I don't blame him either.