The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter One

07/01/2009 06:17 am
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10/15/2008 08:01 pm
fine start to the new tale. thank you.

10/14/2008 07:02 am
First thing I thought was: "Good summary." Then I saw the name of the author and thought, "Oh yeah, that makes sense." I've read you before. Good stuff. Keep it up.

10/08/2008 08:00 am
before i even start reading i'd like to say, thanks for writing, i've enjoyed some of your stories a great deal, and i'm sure the others were wonderful but the synopsis' didn't capture my fancy... anyway, if you write them, we will read them


AJ Hofacre
10/07/2008 05:42 pm
Hmmmm. I'm sensing.... yet another hit for the incomparable Holly :) I love it, ducks, this one's gonna be good!!

10/07/2008 01:44 pm
Interesting twist on that event. Can't wait to watch Spike come riding to the rescue. I'm sure it won't be easy for them.

10/07/2008 12:17 am
Phew. That's a interesting question, what if Buffy actually went to Hell...
I am not sure I understand that self-made-hell-theory, but I am going to keep on reading to find out, what it actually looks like. Great idea and a very good first chapter.

10/06/2008 11:52 pm
Great start!  It's going to be interesting to see what Buffy's self-made hell looks like.  Also liked that Buffy was ready to ask Spike back into the house.

Love your work and it's great to see you with a new one!

10/06/2008 08:04 pm
Fantastic start! Love your writing and the premise is one of my absolute favourites, so a better combination I couldn't ask for.

10/06/2008 06:44 pm
OH BOY!!!!  Great start!  I cant' wait to see what you do with this!!!

Welcome back BTW!!!!

10/06/2008 03:49 pm

oooo very good start! Self-made Hell huh? That's not necessarily fire and brimestone...could be anything. A person's past failures to be experienced repeatedly. Their own personal idea of what Hell would be like. It's a very interesting idea. Look forward to seeing more of the story! Update soon please!

10/06/2008 01:10 pm
It makes so much more sense for Buffy to be in hell if her body didn't die. Great start and I'm glad you're posting here again.

10/06/2008 01:10 pm
Good to see you here.  A spanking good start - as always - to an interesting take on S6.  I relish every word of your work and can't wait for more.

10/06/2008 10:12 am
Wow.......that's heavy. Been a long time since I've seen an idea with that much gravity.

10/06/2008 10:00 am
WOW great start.really great...welcome back

10/06/2008 08:46 am

What a great start - I was at the edge of my seat through the whole read - This looks like it is going to be one of your very best ever. 

Great to have you at the site - I have always enjoyed reading your work very much - Best of Luck with your new work -

10/06/2008 05:57 am
oh my goodness! this first chapter is so full of emotion, i can't fathom what you have in store! lovely, lovely piece.