The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Seven

10/28/2008 01:49 am
And I just had a thought...I wonder if the Buffy he's talking to is the First...

10/28/2008 01:48 am
hm,  can't wait to see the trial you've dreamed up now. 
the Holy Water thing was gruesome and wonderfully done!

10/27/2008 02:41 am
very good read, thank you. must be second trial. couldn't be all he has to suffer.

10/25/2008 07:13 pm
And I keep coming back to the whole, "Don't accept what's offered" thing.  This is what he wants, and he could have it....  It's nice to see you back, Holly! *hugs*  This story is great, and Spike is coming through so true, just like he did on screen.  I missed your stuff.  It's good to see you again.

10/24/2008 07:48 am
that was a horrendous intro to his trials - but a great chapter. 

"In seconds he would wish for dust while begging for the strength to push onward."

I love this line - the essence of what it is going to take to get through this first phase -

Wonderful to have a new story from you - I have always admired and enjoyed your work. -

Good Luck with all your other work -

10/24/2008 01:01 am
is this a trial,  or what?? oh, love it, love it! great story so far. all the time in the world would be worth the wait.
spike is so awesome. if every person was that devoted to those they loved, there would be a lot less heartache in this world.

10/24/2008 12:39 am
Oh dear I'm with Spike....too easy (okay not easy by a long that was painful to read but oh so well written hon).  I have a feeling it might not be Buffy at all.  Maybe another dream even.

Love how real Spike is...clear ideas and plans that his emotions bollocks up, in this case...anger.  He had to go through that twice because he let his anger control him.  That's our Spike. 

It makes sense that he can't die, not in hell...he may well hope he can though before it is all over.

I really hope Buffy finds out ALL that he has endured, including his willing jump into and swim through holy water.  She needs to know what he was willing to do for the love of her....they ALL need to know and in detail not just vague stuff.  Wish Willow could open a magic window so they could all see because they would have to change their attitude if they could.

Excellent.  You are doing this story proud, hon.

Mum Kathleen

10/23/2008 11:09 pm
oooh - can't be that easy. I sense something heartbreaking coming up...

10/23/2008 09:48 pm
oh boy !!!!  NEED MORE!!!!!!!   PLEASE!!!!!   Great chapter!

10/23/2008 09:11 pm
Oh, yeah, using Buffy as a trial will cut way deeper than anything done to his flesh.

10/23/2008 08:34 pm
It's got to be an illusion, right? Can't wait for the next chapter. Great descriptions in this chapter.