The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Eight

07/10/2009 05:28 am
I can't wait for more. Everything is moving along just perfect and completely believeable... I love it.

01/04/2009 01:50 am
Three days without a big nasty spider I hope.

11/20/2008 10:22 pm
excellent read, thank you.  just wait for three days. spike be patient. right.

11/02/2008 06:19 am
Love your beautiful brave Spike - thank you so very much for bringing us this underworld journey tale - three days of suffering to help bring about a resurrection?

10/29/2008 09:09 am
Another brilliant update! Poor Spike, being tormented and played with. Good job he really believes in himself. I look forward to the next update.

10/29/2008 12:11 am
Do I sense a difference between "hell time" and RW time? 

10/28/2008 06:12 pm
“That’s a spider-web,” he explained. “Or…the rough equivalent.”
Yikes - that sounds ominous.  Spike did wonderfully well in this chapter, he just has to keep strong!   But what will he face next?  A smashing read.  I really can't wait for more - as soon as humanly possible pleeeeease!!!!

10/28/2008 06:25 am
Ah, but where there's a spider web, there's a *spider*. A spider that'll inject him with venom, or wrap him up and suck the juices out. For 3 days. Good luck, Spike.

10/28/2008 05:45 am
Uh oh. I wonder how long three days translates to in hell. ::pets Spike::

Great update. Thanks!

10/28/2008 04:32 am
awwwwwwwwwwwwww MAN~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I really really REALLY hope your able to update soon!  I am on the edge of my seat!!!!!

10/28/2008 03:48 am
Great chapter.  They clearly do not understand Spike's love for Buffy.  He loves the goodness in her not just her body.  He wouldn't want to paint the town red in an evil copy of her...he is drawn to her light (effulgent was ever his desire).

This next test is interesting.  Is it a lie?  Does he have to wait out 3 days or is that a trick?  A web that big must have a spider to match...ooooohhhhh  nasty! (My personal nemesis there....spiders, 3 scars to prove it).

Wonderful view of a piece of hell.  You have him down to a tee....stubborn and determined and very much in love.  Glad Willow told him that the invitation wasn't spur of the moment, that will give him strength.

Mum Kathleen