The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Eleven

11/22/2008 02:46 am
excellent read, thank you. really should let xander and the watcher  follow spike and just leave them there.

11/12/2008 03:36 am
Your writing is so...horrifyingly evocative.  Well done.  I cna't wait to see what happens next.

11/12/2008 12:52 am
Wow! Well done, Spike! Good for Giles for wanting to give him more time. Now then... is he going to heal up the way he did after the holy water?

11/11/2008 06:55 pm
Oh thank God. Feel really involved with this one.  Please update soon!  

11/11/2008 06:44 pm
I always new Spike would make it.  This is my first review of your story although I have been reading it since it first began.  I did not know what to say.  Your descriptions of Spike suffering and hope is very graphic and I ached for him.  I am glad that he is out of this web.  I hope that he won't have to endure much more suffering.  You have done a great job writing this story.

11/11/2008 12:11 pm

Endlessly gruelling, yet he had the spirit to withstand it!  ! hope Spike gets some strength from somewhere - he's going to need it.  And there is still some faith in him back at the ranch!  Nice.

11/11/2008 09:07 am
Yay!! He's free. Not surprised by Xander's words - if that was really them and not another trick. Can't wait for another update - this story is just...magical.

11/11/2008 07:27 am
crap, the last review was me.

If Spike's body doesn't come back now that he's free, he better try to take some blood. He can't accept an offer, but he can *take*.

11/11/2008 07:25 am
And, oh....that's gonna hurt.

Frickin'  Xander....always too impatient. But yeah, it doesn't matter.

11/11/2008 07:20 am
Yay...But, so close and yet...Can't wait to read the rest.

11/11/2008 05:56 am
YES!!!!!!!!!  poor baby but YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

oh man!  I can't wait for more! 

11/11/2008 05:29 am
It is a testimony to your writing that I've been able to stay with this story. I know you must be setting things us, and I'll find out why this was so important and loooooooooooongggggg - right?

I definitely feel like I've been throuh the three hundred years of torture wading through these last few chapters. PLEASE get us out of this torture!

11/11/2008 05:16 am
WOW!   Tight and well written.  Perfect description of hell in so many ways...losing himself (or nearly) and his contact with his mental Buffy then having to face the great Scooby attitude.  That makes the physical like nothing.

I really do wish they had a TV screen to see what he's been up to.  Maybe Willow and Tara can conjur up something and that might shut Xander up finally not to mention Giles.  Yeah...send Xander down to get her that'll be fun! LOL

Very intense and painful but he has paid for all his crimes IMHO.  He doesn't even expect her to regard his efforts.  Poor Spike.

Mum Kathleen

11/11/2008 05:05 am
Totally wonderful and excellent - great finish for this part of his love driven trials and journey - Great Update - I love this story.

11/11/2008 04:44 am
Oh god it looks like Spike made it ...Hopefully he'll be able to reach Buffy soon *crosses fingers*

Beautiful chapter , I loved it but so sad ;(   Poor Spike , the Scoobies don't give him any credit at all ! AGH

More soon please

11/11/2008 04:02 am
Ouch! Well done.