The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

01/18/2009 08:49 pm
seems buffy has found him. fine chapter, thank you.

01/06/2009 04:06 am
What a creepy place.  Nice to see Buffy hasn't completely lost her touch. 

11/24/2008 03:36 pm
You like these cliffhangers don't you? :P Update soon please!

11/24/2008 03:07 pm
This is a really amazing creation!  I was wondering how you were going to express Buffy's hell, and this is just great .  Wonderful attention (as always) to characterization and atmosphere.  I really can picture this reality.  I like the details such as Spike's reflection and those picky logistics problems of clothing and physical condition.  I really love this story and your path for these characters.  I am, however, going to miss Spike's 'companion Buffy', she was really quite nice and I liked her a lot.  Thanks again!

11/24/2008 10:01 am
I knew it would be being alone.   You are so completely right that this is a terror buried in all of us - cackling and dancing on the surface of the skin in some of us, in fact.  I've been following this avidly.  Can't wait for the next bit.  Is she still sane?

11/24/2008 09:16 am
He found her!! Yay! But I get the feeling she's not exactly going to be herself... Can't wait for more, Holly. I absolutely love this story and you deserve every nomination you get.

11/24/2008 08:10 am
Oh, wow! They found each other finally. I can't wait to see how these years in hell have changed Buffy. Looking forward to readng your characterization.

11/23/2008 07:03 pm
Ah! He's found her. The Buffy who's been on her own for a thousand years...and she's found him.  Well done, hon.

11/23/2008 01:25 pm
I can see that a deserted city surrounded by blood would be a very realistic Hell for Buffy. Now then, he's found her but does she remember who he is? Does she remember who she is? It looks as if she may have gone FeralSlayer...

11/23/2008 10:49 am
WOW...yes Buffy's hell WOULD be one of abandonment and the idea of a river of blood (likely people she couldn't save) makes even more sense.  She may be close to insane at this point so Spike needs to be very very careful.  As she sees him, even if she recognizes him. not put him in the "friend" category.

You really are outdoing yourself on this on hon.  The imagery is fantastic and yet you vary it so you paint a whole landscape not just a small picture.  The ache in him that won't heal is powerful and now we get a look at Buffy's!  When two hells collide who knows what to expect.

Excellent and congratulations on the nomination...Very deserved!

Mum Kathleen

11/23/2008 04:12 am
oh me gosh! have i mentioned how much i absolutely adore this fic lately?? loved this chapter. can't wait to meet buffy again. see how hell has changed her... but spike will fix everything. i wonder if she'll recognize him? dunno, anyways, lovely update!

11/23/2008 02:49 am
Excellent - do you feel like this work is taking you to a new level?  Your descriptive quality of space and emotional state is so effective - this chapter, particularly has such a strong sense of movement that reflects Spike's fears and his endless time.  Your work has always been, IMO, some of the best fan fiction from The Buffyverse, but I think you are getting even better - the best way that I can describe it is a spatial quality that is connected to emotions.  Does that make any sense?    Buffy's created Hell seems like a perfect fit - and endless slave to her Slayer existence and how that duty took so much away from her life. 

To meet up with  real prey - and to have Spike, the man that has given over so much to try and bring life back again - splendid and compelling.  It felt like I could feel my heart beating faster and faster right along with Spike's. 

Thanks Ever for bring us another chapter -  If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a wonderful day.

11/23/2008 12:43 am
Fabulous visuals - but what can be left of Buffy after a thousand years...

11/23/2008 12:07 am
OH MAN~~~~  Your killin me here!  I was hoping to get some interaction but NO  cliff hanger AGAIN~!!!!  aaggggggggrrrrrrrr

But it was awesome!

11/23/2008 12:06 am
So, do we have a Cave Buffy?

Her hell is exactly what Buffy would be freaked out about......being alone, no one to save, to talk to, probably nothing tangible to hunt. As delicate as she was when she jumped, she probably started going insane here within weeks.