Running Wild by dreamweaver
Chapter: Chapter 2

04/06/2009 06:39 am

Soul of the Rose
12/11/2008 11:25 pm
Wow - even better than the first chapter. This is really compelling, like reading an alternate episode. Well written & fast-paced - looking forward to what comes next. Excellent job!
Thank you!  I really wanted it to seem like an episode from the show!

11/28/2008 08:11 pm

Love Buffy's embarassment at the kiss and her complete aversion to Spike, even when he makes a good point. It's gonna make her inevitable surrender that much sweeter lol.

*sigh* Xander is ever the ass. Loved when Spike wouldn't let him in the cave. Ugh, and his immediate demand that Buffy kick Spike out made me want to smack him. Sure Spike found the gave and set up house, but that doesn't matter, he's just a demon.

Love Tara and Anya, always have. They are open minded, and I always though they'd be one of the stonger and more intelligent members of the scoobies if given the chance.



That's exactly it for Xander - demons don't count.  I love Tara and Anya too; they were never given enough time on the show.  I'm so glad you like this!

11/27/2008 03:21 pm
Fire and spit fire! This rocks!
Oh, thank you!  It was such fun to write.

Flames to dust
11/27/2008 01:50 pm
I knew it!! Spike rules and the poor Scoobies had to pleased him. Too much. And the end, the Riley´s speech? Perfect.
Buffy have to learn and whom can do it better than Spike?


Pretty Please!?! n_n
Oh, absolutely TBC!  Several more chapters, one every day.  Thank you for liking it!

11/27/2008 09:15 am
Here is my second attempt at leaving a review.  The site ate the first attempt, which bums me out because I wrote a whole diatribe on Buffy and why _we_ should be saved from her.  Unfortunately, it's all gone so all I can do is ask you the writer to run interference for us and possible mute her for a time.  Because obviously she needs to shut up and see!

Here's too another great chapter. Finally someone righting or is that writing the wrongs of all that was Riley.  I mean where did the writer's get off making Spike the whipping boy just because he "showed" Buffy or why Buffy with that knowledge had to go all guilt tripping and blame herself even when he came back with a wife.

I guess my biggest pet peeve with the show was how, "They could give us a strong slayer, but the girl was a true and utter mess."  They were always going on about Buffy being a role model for young girls... say what?  God I hope not.

Anyway, keep up the great work and we will love you and shower you with mucho accolades.  Disappoint us and well..... you know the drill. >.<

BSV can cause problems sometimes - my second chapter wouldn't post whatever I tried, then twelve hours later it did. *whew*  I also post on Elysian Fields and The Spuffy Realm, so if you can't get on BSV, you can always go there.
For me, Riley was a disappointment from day one.  I saw 'Something Blue' and sat right up thinking: 'Now this has power!  A Buffy/Angel/Spike triangle. Yes!'  And then they went back to Riley for two long and boring years.  I lost what minimal interest I had in him when he staked Spike, which I consider torture.  Riley was the one at fault and Spike only brought it into the open.  I absolutely despised Riley for that - and for rubbing Buffy's face in it later with Sam.
I spent most of Season 4 onwards wanting to whack Buffy over the head with a two by four, yelling: 'Think!  Grow up!'  They made her so blind and bigoted, seeing only in black and white, wanting only that 'normal' thing Angel laid on her.  Spike took away the normal boyfriend when he exposed Riley and she couldn't forgive him for that or for not having a soul.  That was Joss and his 'No soul automatically equals bad.'  Well, i don't care.  It's how someone acts, soul or not, that matters and that's how I'm going to write it.  I'm so glad you like that!

11/27/2008 05:32 am
Good chapter, Spike is awesome in this story. Probably my favorite Spike characterization in a long time.
Badass Spike is so much fun.  I'm so glad you like it!

11/26/2008 08:30 pm
I`m really enjoying this so far, its a nice original idea. I love the way   you ve portrayed spike - in love with Buffy but with some self respect (not all soft and wimpey). Hope for quick updates, thank you!!
I thought that Spike, free from the chip but still without his soul, would be the Spike from 'Smashed', in-your-face and unrepentant.  I'm so glad you like it!  A chapter a day coming up.

11/26/2008 05:40 am

Xander really shoudl've been bitch slapped for talking Buffy into running after Riley.

And It never made sense that Buffy was angry at Spike for showing her what Riley was doing. Not only was there the risk Spike laid out in this chapter, it was a a major show of disrespect for Buffy's position as the Slayer for Riley to do what he did.

I love the way you had him let them in the cave , especially Anya wanting to trade sex.


Oh, I agree with you about Xander!  You should have seen me screaming at the screen when that episode ran!  And then in the shows following, the writers never even mentioned the danger.  Spike wouldn't have been able to resist rubbing it in - just as I wasn't able to resist the joke with Anya.  Thank you for liking this!

11/26/2008 04:38 am
This is one of heck of a chapter.  We don't get to see introspective Buffy very often, and you handled that brilliantly.  It was nice to see her having to take a good, long hard look at her motivations and actions.   I particularly enjoyed the way you brought out her insecurities and her tendency to blame herself for everything that goes wrong in her life - that is, when she can't find a way to blame Spike.  Speaking of Spike, I love the way you've given him his fangs back.  I was cheering him on as he laid down the law and told some home truths.  And Xander...  *Sigh*  At the beginning of the series, he wasn't such a bad guy.  He had plenty of flaws, but they made him human.  He was very much the guy next door.  I hated the way the writers turned him into a blindly ignorant bigot with only flashes here and there of the basically decent person he was earlier in the series. Yes,he deserves a good slap upside the head, but I hope he gets a wake-up call and redeems himself.  
Sorry for the long ramble.  I really love this fic and am dying to see more.   
Oh, thank you!  I'm so glad you're liking it!  I wanted Buffy to start thinking a little. 
Spike, without the chip and still without a soul, would be the Spike from 'Smashed', in love but take-no-shit.  Xander?  He was acceptable in Season 1, then as you say he morphed into this nasty, hypocritical, meanminded bigot.  At this point, I don't think that can change -- even when his actions are heroic, the mindset is there as part of the character, spoiling things for me.
Long rambles?  Adore them!  They're so helpful in telling me what I'm doing right or wrong!

11/26/2008 02:32 am
Wow she is off the charts with the Spike hate (and the Xander trust for that matter).....Doc couldn't have ratcheted up her ire any higher to prod Spike into a kill (not that he would given his love for her).  

Riley HAD to be exposed, Spike drew a real picture of might have beens there and she is a fool to think otherwise.  I always believed that the case. 

Xander is an ass of major proportions....can we leave him in that dimension please *grins ingratiatingly*???? 

I KNEW it was Spike saving their bacon (and cooking it).  No gratitude either...they are eating the pork and not thinking about how unlikely he would be to cook the remains of HIS meal.

Really love this story so far and judging by your usual excellent work will expect to continue to do so!

Excellent as always.
For several shows after 'Into The Woods' she was really hard on Spike.  I really felt she blamed him for exposing Riley.  The show never even mentioned the danger everybody would be in if Riley had been turned and instead has Xander convincing Buffy to apologize to Riley!  You should have seen me yelling at the screen!  And, yeah, other people have been asking me why I didn't drown Xander in the ocean.   But I want to kick him around a little bit.  Hee.

Even on the show, Spike keeps helping or trying to help and the Scoobies never show any gratitude - ever.  So I thought that they wouldn't even notice that he was clearly cooking the pork for them, not himself.

I'm so glad you like this!  It's a little slower and more plotty, so I was worried.

11/26/2008 02:00 am
LOL at Buffy no longer being the Queen Bee and Spike getting caught listening while she was having sex with Riley.  Too good.
The implication was there when he was out under the oak and catches Riley sneaking out on Buffy.  I kept thinking what he must be feeling like and how Buffy would react if she knew.  Thank you for liking the story!