Storm Warning by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 10 : Secrets

02/24/2015 03:25 pm
Thanks for putting the chapter back. Oddly, I don't remember reading this one before! Oh well...

Um... Dawn stroked Eriddny's arm.  Won't that contact make Eriddny ill?

So... Dawn's rebelling big time. Hardly surprising under the circumstances...
Yes, of course it would!   In my rush,  I uploaded the non-corrected version!   Been back and corrected it. That's the trouble of having long gaps between writing chapters - you forget all the little details.  Thank you so much for picking this up for me.

12/11/2008 04:30 am
Oh yeah - Spike's going to tell Dawn to shape up.  Can't wait to see that.
 Yes, because now she's starting to go down that "no one understands me except my cool new friends" stage of teenager angst.  Cool old friends will find themselves out in the cold.  Hey you're a vamp, well that's so last year. My friends are Lynfra demons.  Poor Spike!

12/06/2008 07:38 pm
Great story.What an odd friendship,Eriddny and Dawn.I bet Buffy is going to freak.Hell so is Eriddny's mom.Buffy seems to be treating Spike better.I can't wait to see where you take this.
 So pleased you enjoyed the chapter.  Yes, Eriddny and Dawn could be an explosive combination. Dawn has plenty of ideas now she has the brawn to put them into action!  Ouch.

12/06/2008 05:14 pm
I'm loving that Eriddny’s story is continuing. The dialogue between Dawn are Eriddny was great... lol! Should be fun to see what kind of adventures the two girls get into. The Spike/Buffy scene was great too, I enjoyed their conversation. Fantastic chapter!
 Thank you for reviewing.  Must admit I never meant to continue this story, but the drabble I wrote as a Christmas present grew and grew and there we are, off on another adventure!   Sighs and tries to shut my mind away in a dark cupboard (closet).

12/06/2008 01:24 am

Dawn palling up with Eriddny (what a picure she makes!) is a cool idea.  I look forward to more.

 Two teenagers, full of angst and hormones. Ouch!