Starlight, Starbright by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 2 Gift

01/15/2009 09:10 pm
finely crafted christmas tale. thank you for the enjoyable read.

12/22/2008 04:16 pm
Oh how lovely! I did read the first part last year and I may have left feedback for it somewhere... not sure. Anyway... I just love that you managed to get them home again! I wonder if they're ever going to realise they were actually in the Christmas card?
 So pleased you liked the story. Do hope you had a good Christmas.

12/16/2008 06:49 pm
Thank you for such a wonderful Spuffy Christmas story!  Merry Spuffy Christmas to you and yours!!
 So pleased you enjoyed the story.

12/14/2008 12:31 pm
What a fun adventure. I loved Buffy's opinions about where they were, and about the kind of people who hang out in deserts... lol! The almost Spuffy moment was really sweet too. And I especially enjoyed the bit about the tools. Thanks for the entertaining holiday read!
 Delighted you enjoyed it.

12/14/2008 07:52 am
cute! it rather completes the story, bringing spike and buffy back to the present, not changing canon, and further involving the christmas story. i liked it very much!
 Yes, I must admit that leaving them in Bethlehem did worry me a little when I wrote the first part.  Luckily alwaysjbj helped me get them home by asking what happened next!

12/14/2008 06:00 am
You know you're entirely amazing, right?  Now that I know how much you've written, I'm going to have to go read it all.  I don't know why I didn't go look under "authors" for you, but what with Agnes, this lovely Christmas piece, the butterfly one...just too much goodness for me to want to miss even one.  So much for getting ready for the holidays...
I may not review everything, but I'm making my way through them!
 Goodness, you're going to read everything?  You'll be months doing that.  I have spurts of writing quite a lot. Oh but please review?   I know it's a chore but you have no idea the difference it makes to get feedback, even for the older stories.  Readers pick up nuances that they like and it is all so useful for further work.  They also pick up mistakes, even more important!

But I just hope you like some of them.   You haven't met Arabella yet, have you?

12/14/2008 02:51 am
Cute story.  Except for the sheep poop on Buffy's boots of course.
 Thank you. Glad you liked the story.  Those poor boots!

12/13/2008 11:08 pm
What a wonderful christmas story, thank you for writing it.  Merry Christmas!!
 So glad you liked it.  And a very Happy Christmas to you!

12/13/2008 09:47 pm
How neat....I think THAT carpenter is more worthy than Xander too.

Glad you did a followup even though the original stood alone nicely it is just a bit better with the closure LOL..

Thanks for ALL the holiday fic joy!!

 Glad you enjoyed it.  This was a difficult one to write as I was scared of making it too cheesey.  I had a version where they bumped into the 3 wise men, but that just got silly with Spike getting all jealous.  Mind you, on second thoughts....

12/13/2008 08:39 pm
Nice to have this part two - hope you will add these to our BSV Season Holiday thread -

12/13/2008 01:32 pm
Very cool.
 Glad you enjoyed it.  Thank you for reviewing. Much appreciated.

12/13/2008 12:12 pm
Cute and festive - thanks for writing!  It made me smile.
 Thank you!  Glad you liked it.

Pam S
12/13/2008 11:21 am
  . nice Christmas story..
 Thank you!  Happy Christmas!