Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Run, Spike, Run!

08/13/2009 06:59 am
OMG.I get to the last chapter that you have written and it seems to have disappeared.  From the comments something good happens. I wish I could see it.

This story has been an amazing read. I hope you will come back to it.
Hey, sorry about the late reply - and incredibly long wait. If you're still interested I've fixed the chapter now. And poster a new one.

08/06/2009 10:33 pm
This was one of the absolute best portrayals of both Buffy & Spike I've ever read. Not to mention a riveting story line. Very impressive. Great balance of angst & humor. Just generally a well balanced story--/except/ we need closure! Please please finish this one!

02/26/2009 09:54 pm
Wow. Such an awesome story! Thanks for posting it! Will there be more??

01/29/2009 02:13 am
Just read this all the way through (sorry for not commenting on individual chapters, but I wanted to keep reading ^_^). Anyway, I love this fic so much, the premise is fantastic and the way you write Spike and Buffy is great. Thanks for the great read and I'm looking forward to more

01/16/2009 05:33 am
very pleased to see an update to your fine tale. even though buufy is discouraged and depending on red, i'm waiting for you to fix it. thanks for the excellent read.

01/13/2009 08:46 pm
I am so happy to see this updated.

Yay that they are finally talking about emotions....back then and now.  Buffy really does guard her heart...she needs to realize that is the last thing she needs to worry about with Spike.  He loved her for the 30 years she was gone, he's not going any where.

Willow best step up her game.

Xander has become even more of an ass over the years!  Damn...he needs to get over his Spike hatred (jealousy) PDQ.


01/05/2009 10:45 pm
Just found this story, and I adore the heck out of it. Keep writing!

01/05/2009 09:43 pm
Great chapter! Glad to see you back.

12/29/2008 10:09 pm
 is a very good story, i coudn´t review each chapter i was busy reading the hole thing up lol it took me two days and here am 
i love it, very original characters, i felt bad for giles and dawn, i always liked her (when she wasn´t bitching around..)

12/29/2008 04:05 am
So great that you have continued with this story - it would have been a pity had this followed in the PWIP road.  This is such an excellent story  - I love the theme that you are working from and your treatment of the characters.  A very effective blending of the old characters history and their new world.  Plus, they way that you bring in Claire is also handled well - just enough to let us know that Spike found a new love to share his life without going into a lot of their story. 

I hope that you will be able to bring us another update soon -

12/27/2008 04:16 pm
Lovely to see a new chapter of this story.  I'm so glad you are continuing.

“There’s always a choice,” Spike turned back to her. “And I always choose you.”

I love this line.

12/27/2008 03:41 pm
Delighted to see this update; you do great cliffhangers - chapter - after chapter - after chapter! Great story, thanks!

12/27/2008 10:23 am
So pleased to see this update.  The title is perfectly apt, maybe one day poor Buffy will get things right.  Until then, it's one step forward, two steps back!

12/27/2008 08:38 am
Absolutely, bloody brilliant!  As per usual.

Thanks so much for an update.  This story just continues to amaze me.  I don't want to wait another month for another chapter - but I'll wait forever if I have to.  You have captured Buffy so nicely, but you've also made her your own.  She seems more mature contemplative - granted she has a wicked lot to think about.  I love the way she and Spike are relating to each other - so tentatively and cautious, yet so completely dependent on each other.

12/27/2008 02:14 am
Lovely Christmas present, thank you!
Oooo, big chapter. And uh-oh.....portal now, or nothing. No pressure, haha.

12/26/2008 11:15 pm
Nice to see another update to this fic. Poor Buffy!

12/26/2008 09:10 pm
Great chapter! I loved it! Cant wait for more!

12/26/2008 08:31 pm
Oh dear! :-s Great update. Looking forward to the next.