The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Eighteen

01/28/2009 06:27 am
really hope spike's hope is realized: that she does recognize what has passed. very good read, thank you.

01/22/2009 03:59 am
What had happened in the shower could not happen again. - how did I know that wasn't going to work out.  Lovely chapter. 

01/22/2009 03:50 am
Wonderful chapter - hot and sweet and achingly sad for Spike.

01/22/2009 01:32 am
Poor Spike. So desperate to do the right thing by Buffy and having so much trouble holding back. I hope Buffy appreciates his efforts when she comes back to herself.

01/21/2009 10:51 pm

Thanks for the update.  Buffy still has a long way to go, but I think things are starting to look up.  Poor Spike, though; his internal battle is really tough.  Brilliant job on your part - thanks!

01/21/2009 06:33 pm
My heart really breaks for Spike in this story.  He loves her so much and has to hold back.  You write Spike's thoughts really well and I can't imagine what action will bring Buffy back to herself.    I wonder it it has to do with blood exchange?  Can't wait to read the next chapter.

01/21/2009 03:06 pm
No one could have done better for Buffy than Spike has, I don't care who it is.  He's fighting tooth and nail to keep things right between them, to not take advantage of her.  I can only hope his restraint will be appreciated.

01/21/2009 03:42 am
Yep, no turning back from that door he introduced her to. Ah, if only the real Buffy could know the internal struggles this soulless vampire is going through....