Hidden Agendas by angelic_amy
Chapter: Revelations.

01/16/2006 09:43 pm
LOL! The timeline is great for a crossover of sorts, and to kill Glory in human form with Darla's minions, absolutely brilliant! I doubt I could ever think up of that lmao. And yea, GREAT Buffy characterisation. She's so deep in denial she can swim in the Nile river for years. Her attitude and treatment towards Spike is very canon-like. Loved it!
Thanks! *blushes* I was very proud of my way of killing off Glory and I'm SO glad that people who read the fic liked it as well. I'm glad you liked Buffy, I tried really hard to make her believeable and I'm glad you think it is with the canon. Thank you for your review!

09/27/2005 01:22 pm
Another great chapter.
Thank you!

09/27/2005 01:21 pm
EVIL!! A cliffie with Darla staking Spike is just plain sadistic! As in many tales, AU or not, Buffy wins the blockhead prize. How she can think of Spike the way she does is incomprehensible to me. We need more story to see how Spike gets out of this predicament.
I get called evil a lot... I TRY not to write so many cliff hangers but it just comes out that way. Glad you liked it, more up soon.

09/27/2005 01:19 pm
I've spent hours reading this today and I am totally sucked in and dying for the next part. It sort of galls me that Buffy still doesn't know who she really owes the thanks for saving her life, and I think this was one of the best plot devices i have seen for getting rid of Glory--completely low key and amidst the angst of something else. Thank you so much for sharing.
Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm glad you are enjoying the story, and I hope you like what else is soon to come.