Nibbles by Mabel Marsters
Chapter: Nibbles

05/10/2012 02:10 pm
Hot and yummy!

Way cool :-)
05/03/2010 02:43 pm
thank you very much!  Was fun to write.  Got lots more on other sites TSR of EF or my lj

09/15/2009 09:34 pm
weel, this is VERY short - in fact,there's nothing here!
Thanks for letting me know - I have no idea where it went!  It's up now :D

02/05/2009 01:54 pm
Oh if only......
It would have been nice, wouldn't it? :)

02/01/2009 08:30 pm
 So amazing.  Why couldn't this have happened on the show?  Stupid stubborn Buffy.   Loved it.
It would have been great to see Buffy actually realising what she had in Spike!

Thank you so much for letting me know that you loved it *big grin*.

02/01/2009 02:44 am
the nice variety or the ‘we live on the Hellmouth’ variety - LOL  What do you mean THE END?  Obviously they're in the Love Hotel with the whirlpool and the water bed and the magic fingers.  There's more work to be done here Missy Mabel.
Glad you liked the line about what sort of surprise.  Poor Spike - always fearing the worst.

Maybe I will write another one...didn't think of it since it was for a prompt.  :) 

Thanks for taking the time to comment.