Hidden Agendas by angelic_amy
Chapter: Unreachable.

05/02/2006 08:50 pm
chptr 26 - oh, I love Angel telling Buffy about the rescuing the truth!! Hehe, our blondie gets to be a hero and broody gets to be the bad guy!!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

chanel 5
09/27/2005 01:24 pm
Most of the time I don't mind Angel in fics, but then I'll read one like this and remember exactly how Angel does these sort of things all the time in the show and then I really hate him again!!!
LOL. I'm glad you like it. More has been posted.

09/27/2005 01:23 pm
Thanks for the quick update. How is Buffy going to get Spike away from Darla and her minions all by herself? Why didn't Weasly leave a more detailed message instead of "call me back." Waiting for more.
Well... you'll just have to read and see!