Anywhere by Abby
Chapter: Knew It Was You

04/03/2014 09:40 pm
took em long enough!
Well, at least they got there in the end!

03/25/2012 05:23 pm
Sweet and oh so romantic!!
Thank you!

09/08/2011 02:27 pm
Thank you

Awwww, Beautiful :-)
04/25/2010 04:45 am
Thank you!

10/02/2009 05:39 am
All I can say is 'Wow'. This wrench my heart, not sure why. Your words were very...careful yet perfect. Does that even make sense? Hope this isn't just a one shot!
Thank you!  And yeah, it does make sense I think.  It is, for now, just a one-shot.  I've had some thoughts about a follow-up fic, either a one-shot or a couple of chapters long, but it's just a thought at the moment and I can't say for sure whether I will write it or not.

09/18/2009 05:26 am
*Grin* That was so adorable.
Thank you!  I was in a complete sappy happy ending mood when I wrote this!

07/03/2009 02:22 pm
 That was so sweet.  I always love to read another persons wish for how things might have been between these two.  Thanks so much for sharing !
Thank you!  I was in the mood for an angst-free reunion when I wrote this.  I'm happy to know you enjoyed it!

06/10/2009 06:23 am
I love this but I could do with a lot more of it, maybe they could travel together, even holiday together - they deserve a holiday.

I'm 6frog of
I have no plans as yet to expand on this (I have enough WIPs and sequels that I'm working on), but you never know.  I might someday write more.  You're right, they *do* deserve a holiday!  Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked.

06/01/2009 02:27 am
You're so romantic A - Buffy really should throttle him.  Very sweet.
You never know, she might later.  I was just in the mood for a fluffy, completely non-angsty reunion   Thanks!!

05/31/2009 10:56 pm
sweet tale, thank you. if they could ever do anything the easy way or actually talk.
Yeah, they never really got around to figuring that out, did they?  Well, maybe it's time   Thanks for reading!