The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Twenty-four

06/11/2009 01:19 am
well done. very good rear, thank you.

06/09/2009 09:58 pm
So bittersweet.  They have each other but she is going to have to deal with all those memories as they come at her.  At least she won't return to the emptiness of the past.

He really does get it though and that will help.

I had a feeling the writing were their names, perhaps other memories she was trying to keep when the mind refused to house them any longer.  Spike will be moved to know his name was among them.

Loved her POV, we needed to have a glimpse of her time there and that served well.

LOVE this story.

Mum Kathleen

06/09/2009 04:45 am
I really enjoyed your foray into the Buffy POV.  Some hurts go too deep for words or coherent thought, and the jumble of her memories speaks so well of her pain and loss.  And the switch back to Spike's POV was easy and painless.  Thanks for writing this, it's great.

06/08/2009 04:55 am
Excellent. I'm glad we got to see her slip away from her POV.

06/08/2009 04:47 am
Beautifully written chapter.  I am glad that you used Buffy's POV in this chapter.  I think we needed to see it from her perspective.  I can't imagine how they will get out of there but I hope they do.  I also hope they grow closer and that Buffy remembers how thankful she was that Spike came for her.  I love, love, love this story. 

06/08/2009 01:34 am
I don't know about the internal Buffy section.  It's good, but maybe a big flashback would be better so you get the immediacy of her suffering?  Wonderful writing anyway.  Thanks for a great story.

06/08/2009 12:49 am
Ah, nice interlude and I liked the look into Buffy's mind.  Such a mix of angsty and hope in this fic. :)