The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Twenty-eight

09/17/2009 07:35 am
very good read, thank you. love the last line.

08/19/2009 03:48 am
Congradulations on getting published!  That's wonderful!  ^_^
  Very glad to see an update on this story, too.  I look for it each time I get a chance.  You're a wonderful writer, and you really keep your audience interested.

08/18/2009 05:11 am

Very nice chap. I love that they are actually talking--about real feelings and fears. It's hesitant and uncertain and even a little awkward at times (which I think is far more realistic than if it wasn't), but at least they're trying.

08/17/2009 09:40 am
Which fic was Because? Sorry, I've read so many, I don't remember them all just by titles.

Awwwwww, yay for hoping.

08/17/2009 02:30 am
Uber congrats on getting published!  I really liked the way Spike compares growing slow with Drusilla to what he experiences with Buffy as being the real thing.