Normal Is Just a Word by slaymesoftly
Chapter: One

07/08/2010 01:45 pm
I hope you continue to like it.

04/19/2010 07:13 pm
Excited about reading your current new work - always been a big fan and this episode has always been one of the favorites - actually wish that the writer had done more in Season Six - 
Will start this tonight - beautiful banner.
Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

04/14/2010 04:27 am
Ooo evil head shrinker.  Hope Buffy punches her lights out - human or otherwise.  Really liked Buffy's homecoming and the way Daddy dearest is such a jerk - just like in Sunnydale.
LOL  I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

04/02/2010 04:56 pm
Interesting concept!  Looking forward to this version of "heaven".  
I hope you enjoy it.

03/27/2010 04:56 pm
Looking great so far, love the idea, and can't wait for the next chapters!
Next chapter coming soon. Thanks for reading and letting me know.

03/27/2010 04:07 am
I love your story!
Thanks! I hope you continue to like it.