The Writing on the Wall by Holly
Chapter: Chapter Thirty-four

05/25/2010 02:13 am
Man, I love the writing of this story.  So beautiful!  Particularly this chapter.  Dang.  Can't wait for the final chapters!

05/22/2010 07:34 pm
It's so great to have them out of their Underworld Hell - what a miraculous journey back into their Life World.  What a great way that you use the most vital elements of life back here to bring in their Hell world and this one, like eating pizza but Buffy not remembering what it is and Spike's non-reflective status.  Spike's metaphor of no longer being able to see himself but also having his food there and having Buffy call him to her bed and life here; his spiritual and emotional bloodline back in this life and timeline in place. 

Three days, nice resurrection out of the tomb -

Congratulations on creating an outstanding Spuffy story -

05/22/2010 10:17 am

Lovely chapter. A little hard earned rest for the weary.

05/22/2010 03:53 am
 this story just continues to be brilliant.  it is easily my favorite story!

05/21/2010 09:18 pm
They're home! Yay! Great job, looking forward to more, as always.

05/21/2010 03:21 pm
 I really love this chapter moments in it remind me of that beautiful scene in touched, i cant wait to see what happens next and im quite sad this story is so close to ending

05/21/2010 01:39 pm
How wonderful to see another update! That was so satisfying, the way they calmly went home, showered and went to bed. Now then... who's going to find them? I can't wait!

05/21/2010 12:02 pm
Clean, in a comfy bed, in each other's arms....perfect. That's the best sleep there is.

I'm glad Buffy had a chance not to be overwhelmed, like she was in when she was resurrected. I think it'll help the Scoobies to know things aren't exactly the same that both she and Spike don't *look* the same. Buffy's a thin and wiry brunette, and he has curls and roots showing.

That little note of Dawn's is sad - "it's too quiet here". Poor kid. She probably had a lot of those moments in the summer after season 5.

05/21/2010 09:10 am
I wonder who is going to wake them up?

05/21/2010 04:39 am
Nice return to the world.

05/21/2010 04:35 am
Yay they made it back. 
I'm glad they get to spend one night alone together adjusting