Sacrament by Holly
Chapter: II

12/30/2010 02:25 am
Oh, golly, I hope it’s me,  hee!  I hope so too

06/18/2010 03:43 am
Love this. Not a big vamp Buffy fan usually and if she became a totally evil monster who just killed without thought, I doubt I'd keep reading, but I like the current line she's walking. Very believable happy medium of soulless and still keeping with what makes Buffy, Buffy. And of course, watching her and Spike's relationship blossom makes it all the more fun.

06/17/2010 08:45 am
I love vamp!Buffy,hope they both stay evil.Can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!! 

06/17/2010 03:35 am
Bad, bad vamps... 
But with a soul coming, not for long....