Sacrament by Holly
Chapter: V

12/30/2010 02:56 am
feh - Angel.  Can Spike bite him?

12/27/2010 07:28 pm
i've flown through the prequel, and the first chapters of this story.  it's such an interesting twist to buffy's story!  i love it. you've kept things moving at such a good pace, and all the twists and complications make reading so fun.  i almost had a stroke when it was angel at the door and not spike.  good twist!

07/11/2010 07:25 pm
Whoa wasn't expecting that.  Excellent chapter

06/25/2010 10:08 pm
Great chapter. Lots of details for what our characters are going through, without losing the reality of how Spike needs to find clues to track her down and Buffy deals with practical details about where to stay and how to move around even while the confusion and horror and guilt are drowning her. I loved how she thought about Spike, and hope they can meet up soon.

I'm not a fan of Angel, but I thought he could be the voice of reason as he spoke in the last chapter about giving Buffy time and space, where the younger Scoobs might not understand that clinging to her might make things worse. Of course, Angel himself always knows better! Jerk. I hope Buffy is able to stand up for herself if he tries to pressure her into letting him take charge of her, of knowing better and knowing exactly what she's going through, and taking advantage of that. I think their personalities and experiences are very different.

And if Angel reacts with anger or tries to make her feel ashamed for being mated to Spike, I hope Buffy loses a bit of control of her demon and throws him across the room.

06/25/2010 10:35 am
wow, that, I didn't expect. I liked the fact that Buffy isn't all "good buffy" and that she "accidentally" killed a guy even though she was souled. It's fitting.

06/25/2010 05:20 am
That was a surprise!

06/25/2010 04:27 am
Whoa! Guess that locator spell worked, eh? Was about to think Spike had worked fast...

Poor Buffy, with the confusion of her old self dueling with the desires/instincts of a vampire.

I hope Angel tries to be a good friend to her right now. He's knows exactly what she's feeling. He tried soothing his soul by eating "bad people" instead of random victims and that probably came after Angelus' hunger had taken advantage a time or two (though Angel probably had more control of his body after over a hundred years than Buffy does after 6 months - especially with Angelus' love of prolonging torture before the kill).