Sacrament by Holly
Chapter: VII

12/30/2010 03:20 am
Hm what is Daddy Angel going to think about this state of affairs.

07/25/2010 05:09 pm
This is amazing and you have to finish writing it ASAP before I totally lose my freaking mind!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this story, which is big for me because I typically hate the Buffy-gets-sired stories, but this one is completely faboo and entirely fuckhot

07/24/2010 07:32 pm
I'm glad they are back together but this is gonna be difficult and i like that

07/23/2010 08:36 am
Good chapter

07/23/2010 03:23 am
Together again.......and it's going to be interesting. Knew he wouldn't reject her with a soul, of course, but staying isn't going to be easy, either. There's only so much he can understand without the full depth of empathy in a soul.