Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Better

06/02/2014 05:54 pm
Just in case it makes a difference, there's at least one person checking back for this one, which makes me think more. It's such a good story! Ever hopeful, delighted anyway. Thank you

02/02/2013 06:38 am
Just wanted to let you know that I'm still popping in to see if you've updated (finished?) this story. I might have lost all hope but other writers recently have come back after a few years away. I don't leave you messages nearly as often as I check but I figure you at least get a chance to know there's still people around and hopeful. Still one of my favourite stories. Thanks

Ashley Mc
06/15/2012 11:38 pm
As I am coming back to see if this story was updated, I'm watching 'Get It Done'!! I hope you update this story, it is such an original, well written story. It was a joy rereading it!!

01/21/2012 10:55 am
Just in case you were wondering, you've still got at least one interested fan (and I suspect more). I know life gets in the way, I just hope that if you come back to writing this one will be finished. It's really good. Meanwhile, I'll just keep checking in on it . I hope life is being good to you.

11/25/2011 11:04 pm
Well, even if you never finish it, it's a great story... however, I do hope you come back to it.

Thank you,


06/26/2011 12:19 am
It’s a really good, interesting story with original, surprising plot but also easy to read and understand for someone who just like me isn’t an English native speaker.  All characters are well written, the changes in their characters that were made in past 30 years are possible. And if you'' ll finish this story someday and you decide to make Buffy and Spike happy in this reality that’s fine.

But, yeah, I’m wearing a ‘but’ face now. All the time I was waiting for some Buffy’s breakdown. She was lost and confused etc. but still was doing quite well. If I were her I would like to destroy something, cry and scream and shut down myself in room for a while. But that’s me; your Buffy can be different.

Unless I can’t believe that she’s completely OK with this Spike. C’mon! He’s not her Spike, not our Spike: in black duster, bleach hair, Desoto, all cocky ‘evil’ and living in the crypt. He found a new life, has a daughter, had a wife (!) who wasn’t Buffy, nice house and full time job. Perfect suburban dad, but is that Spike? Spike who loved the Slayer well but not wisely? Who fight with her arm by arm? Is it Spike, that she began to fall in love? Who was her best friend, a faithful defender? Maybe sill is that Spike somewhere but I can’t see the passion.

Between them is missing spark, killed by 30 years being apart, Spike’s past and Buffy’s having no past.  After the last scene (Buffy didn’t follow Spike out)  I think that Buffy also sees that something isn’t right (but I can be wrong with understanding this part, I know that). I don’t how you’d like to develop the plot (if you will) but I wouldn’t mind if this ‘future’ world would appear as a dream or some Shadow men’s mojo. At least Buffy could find the way back to the ‘past’ or make a choice when she get the chance to go back (some portal opens and the ‘past’ friend call her to get back). And where actually are the Powers That Be? Angel was their champion and got the reward from them, but why they not  helped him? Why the Powers do not anything to deal with this world? Do they like it?

Finally, thanks for the great story and I hope that you’ll finish it someday. I know that the ending would be great as well. Good luck and sorry for all mistakes, English isn’t my first language and I still have to improve my level.
05/02/2011 07:20 am

just finished my second read of Brave New World. even if you never complete it the last chapter is a good hopeful one.

I'll pass along unasked for advice it you are stuck in the storyline.  I attended a lecture by Charlaine Harris, the lady who wrote the True Blood novels.  She told us she would go back to the first chapter and rework it to recapture the flavor and mood. And would often redo the last chapter written to catch the mood again.

Or perhaps you no longer write- in that case, thanks for a creative, enjoyable read.


FWIW still at least one keen reader waiting :-)
01/19/2011 01:07 pm

11/30/2010 05:10 pm
This is soooo good.  The "Not loving me until I deserved it" line is beautiful. I love future Spike and I love the way you've kept the essence of the key characters so... truthful?... real?.... but enlivened everything with a really unusual and interesting storyline.  Looking forward to the next bit :o)

10/16/2010 09:56 pm
Loved the taped nostalgia!  As they just get where they want to be, I hope that rewatching the past doesn't put a barrier between Spike and Buffy.

More soon please? Too good to wait ;-)
09/19/2010 02:18 am

09/15/2010 05:13 am
Some funny moments on the tape.

09/15/2010 03:04 am
What a lovely chapter!! It was great to have a glance back at how Buffy was to Spike.Looking forward to the next update!

09/15/2010 01:18 am
Lovely chapter. Still struggling, aren't they? *sigh*

09/15/2010 12:10 am
Fine chapter!  Poor pair they are....Buffy is catching up nicely to the man Spike has grown into, the man he always could have been.  It doesn't hurt to look back to how they last saw one another before her return.   Now that they are in a better place it helps to see from whence they came.