Running from the Inevitable by The Enemy of Reality
Chapter: Chapter two

04/02/2011 12:27 am

Excellent and funny chapter.  This is the Spuffy I love - non stop arguments and aggravation!

*beams* Thank you for the compliment! And it's the Spuffy I love writing. They're like a couple of children. lol You rock!!

01/14/2011 02:13 am
Are reviewers made of win? Then what are reviews made of? sorry, sidetracked head.

Love the interaction between Buffy and Spike. You write Spike spot-on, love how he dissects Peaches bullshit like a sharp ten-blade through a frog.

... too graphic for ya? My bad. My brain is on the frtitz at the moment. Got bit by a nasty cold that won't let up, much like a rabid dog with a bone ("No Fido! Get off the couch! Down boy, down! ...stop humping my leg. Stop! Get offa' me!" If I was my regular healthy self, this here review would be a lot wittier. *shrugs shoulders*  You'll haveta' make do.

Love the 'frumpy Giles' line. Don't know why, but when I read it, I pictured him in old-woman clothing complete with frumpy oversized hat. (Maybe my cold-medicine talking there, but hey. A buzz is a buzz.)

Anyways still loving this and I have more to catch up on, so see ya on the next chapter-page! 

(Oh, and don't think I missed your reply, your Misstress huh? Someone has a kink-side, but don't u worry, secret's save with me. I'll be your Dom if you'll be my Sub ;D )
Why, I am glad you asked, gorgeous. Reviews are made of scrumptious deliciousness. Didn't you know that?

Oh no, you're making me blush! Seriously, you are. And also, you crack me up. That is a fact. Loooove the visual!

Oh baby, nothing is too graphic for me. I was quite tickled by that, which makes me worried about my twisted sense of humour. Ah, those pesky leg humping illnesses. I can relate. Tell Fido to go molest someons else! Also, can I have what you're having... not the cold, the medication. It would be even more awesome if you could actually see that dissected frog. Oh, dear.

LMAO! Now I imagined it too, and you can thank my beta for that... she was the inspiration for it. Also, can the hat have feathers? I'd like that.

There's some interesting stuff coming up. You might enjoy chapter five in particular, in your current ill state. Get better soon!!

Hahaha... yes, Mistress. I'll be a very good sub to you. But beware, I am quite insolent. Thank you for the hilarious review!!! You made my day.

01/04/2011 03:17 am
ROFL!   - great Spike and Buffy clash.  Hope you're feeling very happy because I can't wait to see how Buffy is going "help" Spike get Drusilla back. 
Hee... I'm so happy you think so! There's a hopefully unexpected twist coming, and more banter will ensue. I'm feeling very happy, and I am about to update right now. Just wanted to reply to your yummy reviews first. Hope you'll like what's coming. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it!!!

01/02/2011 12:27 am
Do we have an ETA on Chapter 3?
Wouldn't you like to know? I don't either actually. Definitely next week. What day depends on how busy I am, but it should be around Tuesday or Wednesday.

01/01/2011 07:19 pm
Fantastic dialogue!
Thank you so much for that heart-warming compliment!!! I really appreciate it. More banter coming soon.

01/01/2011 09:48 am

Very intense emotions at the end of this chapter. Looking forward to the next.

Things got quite intense at the end indeed.The next one should be a blast. More soon, and thank you so much for reviewing!!!

12/31/2010 07:32 am
Oops - that stunningly anonymous set of comments just posted was from me.

Haha, thank you for revealing your mysterious identity. Loved your review!

12/31/2010 07:27 am
Spike stared at her like she’d sprouted a tail and horns. She glanced behind just to be sure. This was Hellmouth, after all.  Loved that! 

The dialogue is perfect for where/who they both are at this point in their relationship. The relationship they don't have, of course.

Spike was always pretty insightful when it came to people and relationships, so I don't have a problem with  more "liberal" portrayal - just because we didn't see it on the show until later doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. He's still in character and the fact that he's semi-drunk could explain why he's letting some of those qualities be visible. Maybe, if someone had made Buffy look at the reality of Angel's character and/or personality this early, the way Spike is attempting to do here, a lot of things could have been different for her.

“I’d never leave the person I love, especially knowing how much danger you’re in every day."  Does Spike have ANY clue how much he revealed there? A pity that Buffy probably won't pick up on that verbal glitch, him going from the anonymity of "person I love" to the very personal "danger you're in" in under two-thirds of a sentence.

(Psst - typo alert: "and to simple let them be the strong one for once" and "He better not has been implying".  Yeah, I know, picky, picky, picky, but you probably wanted "simply" and "better not have", right?)

Oh, you know how much I love you pointing out a line you liked?! *squee* It always makes me very excited!

Haha, love this. Their relationship is indeed very unrelationship-y. It's more like mutual loathing with a side of magnetic pull at this point.

That's very kind of you to say. Being drunk is indeed the reason he reveals more of himself that he normally would. I think he's always been that way but we never really got to see him as his character didn't get much screen time in S2, and he was supposed to be just another villain. So I'm taking liberty with that to make the story more interesting. And to be honest, I try not to overanalyze, I just try to think in the way the characters would then I write it down.

Oh, you caught that! I did that on purpose, I admit. Like so many intuitive people, Spike can pinpoint quickly the feelings of others, but he's blind to see his own. He doesn't even realize the meaning of what he said and Buffy was too preocupied with what he said about Angel to really catch it. But I love that you did!

Thank you!! I'm very picky myself and I can't believe I overlooked it. It's fixed now. Thank you for the awesome review!!!

12/30/2010 07:48 am
This is made of so much awesome sauce, so far i think its pretty spot on - even tho Spike seems to be a bit too "liberal" with qualities we dont really see until later in the show. I think youve captured Buffy really well (Spike too, but Buffy especially.)
I love your honesty. And I love that you think I captured Buffy really well as she's the one I sometimes struggle with. I do agree I'm more liberal with Spike's character but that's because I thought it would be more interesting to show those sides of him (and make Buffy a bit confused). Thank you for the very lovely review!!!

12/30/2010 06:07 am
WOW!!! Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions in once scene!! I went from laughing hysterics over Spike's "couldn't care less anyway" remark in relation to Angel issues and subsequent openly stealing from Buffy's fridge (and pointing same out to her), to gobsmacked awe at the reminder of how intuitive Spike can be when it comes to dealing with emotions, and finally to tearful heartache when Spike admits that he knew Dru would never love him as he loved her but this never meant that he would leave her.

Well done on a brilliant chapter and for the wonderful handling of two such complicated characters. The interaction in the kitchen read like a missing scene from an episode (humour, angst and heartbreaking honesty) and that final moment where Buffy is crying on the floor with Spike standing outside the door is a perfect representation of what Spike had just said he would do for one he loves - "hide in the shadows and just watch your back without being able to touch you".

Thank you for such a splendid update & once again I look forward to the next instalment of this Spike/Buffy adventure.
I made you go 'wow'! That makes me incredibly happy, and also... makes me blush. Hee... glad you found Spike funny in the first part of the chapter. I try to make him quite insolent, which is one of the reasons we love him so much. And he looks like someone who would just rummage through someone's fridge without their permission. He's also not a vamp that would beat around the bush. At this point he doesn't really much care about hurting Buffy's feelings  (or 'doesn't want to' would be more accurate), so he splashed a dose of truth right into her face. Naturally, Buffy is upset and confused about the whole Angel situation therefore she didn't take it very well.

Thank you so much!! You're made of win. Nothing makes me feel better than hearing it read like an episode scene. It's like tasting the most expensive chocolate while some gorgeous guy hand-feeeds it to you. That's how awesome it feels! Spike is definitely not leaving, and I tried to make the way he handles it as close to believable as possible.

More soon, gorgeous. Thank you so much for the brilliant review!!!

12/30/2010 05:38 am
Here comes denial buffy, but I love where this is going
You've go that right. I'm happy you love so far, you're awesome. Thank you so much for reviewing!!!