Running from the Inevitable by The Enemy of Reality
Chapter: Chapter six

05/02/2011 06:35 pm

I'm so involved that I can't stop reading this - I should be making a meal! Thank you for putting off your uni work for us!

*beams* I LOVE hearing that! Sorry for keeping you from cooking though. But let's be honest, reading fics is so much more fun than doing chores, right? Hence me writing this story when I was supposed to be doing uni work. lol Thank you for the yummy review!!!

04/10/2011 07:41 pm
That was equally gross and kind of cute. Just like Spike - heh mostly gross. 
Haha... you crack em up. But yup, gross indeed. Thank you for the yummy review!!!

01/16/2011 06:12 pm
Bring on the sexy dream sequence! Oh, yeah!

But a night stand?! Our hero was maimed by a night stand? I am deeply saddened.

And just what is up with hospital gowns? It's 2011, medical people, why can't y'all use some velcro and make it work? However, if it leads to more UST, then I can hardly complain, can I? Especially when Spike peeked when Buffy was changing. Naughty Spike! (note the half-hearted nature of my rebuke.)

Buffy takes the coat back! I don't think it was just because she was cold.

Bonny and Clyde? Oh, I loved that part!

Lines of the chapter:

Oh, Spike, you big strapping vampire, you have to hug me.
I know this line came straight from your dreams, EoR!

I'm not a prude. I could be very...adventurous, you know.
I fully expect you to deliver on that line in a later chapter.

Winner of the week: Spike. While Buffy got in some good lines, it's gotta be Spike for the following reasons:
1. Sexy dream sequence.
2. Spike sneaks a peek of her bum in the gown and of her while changing. Did I mention that was naughty and he got away with it?
3. The "eat me" line. It was like a dare.
4. Successful car theft and escape technique.
5. Buffy indicates future adventurousness (Is that a word? Is now!)
and finally....
6. The night stand may have struck, but it didn't win!

And yay you for continuously awesome authoring skills.
LOL! I take it you liked the bit of sexy then? And see? There wasn't even naked touching!

*gg* You crack me up. To Spike's defense... it did have an unfair advantage of surprise. Not Spike's best moment. You know, not that I think about it Spike always gets some unheroic injuries... like stepping into an open grave in 'Out of My Mind' or getting a brick thrown at his head in 'The Gift'. Poor vamp!

Haha, you're so right! I bet those hospital people keep thos gowns on purpose. Though I imagine it's not the nicest sight to see a man over 70 walk down the corridros with his stuff hanging out for all to see. But Spike got quite a nice glimpse. Though ti did to blue balls. Ah, well, the price he has to pay for sneaking a peek.

Please, she totally wants to secretly sniff Spike's scent from it. *g*

LOL! You got me there. Though in my dreams, sometimes there's more than hugging. There might even be neck licking... wait, what? Aren't Spiek and Buffy just the cutest pair of mortal enemies you'd ever seen?!

Oh, it will be delivered. Patience my dear, patience.

Spike rocked this chapter, I agree. He was naughty, and crude and cute all at once. Nobody can compete with that!

I deem 'adventurousness' a new word. It will be i dictionaries and everything.

Ha! Take that night stand! *g*

You make me giddy. Thank you for the deliciousness!!!

01/16/2011 10:51 am
"I'm hungry."
"Eat me then."
...hahahahahahahahahah that cracked me up
and that dream was pretty intense.
please update soon? *puppy dogs eyes*
I LOVE it when you tell what lines made you smile! There's nothing better than a crude Spike. Guarantee to make Buffy blush.

So awesome you like the dream. I love writing such things so it's good to know you enjoy reading it.

Haha, how can I resist those eyes!? I can't. After all, I'm only human. There should be more on Tuesday. Thank you for the delicious review!!!

01/16/2011 04:35 am
Lovely opening scene!! Quite reminiscent of the one in Touched. I adored Spike's rather poor excuse for not leaving; tired?! Please, this from the vamp that's capable of enduring torture from a hellgod and still being able to run away afterwards. He is so in denial!!

The dream sequence was absolutely brilliant! Bizarre in some places, yes, but outstandingly well-written and, let's face it, hot toward the end! " I think my computer screen caught fire there for a moment!! I loved your descriptive writing in this scene, I could clearly picture everything that was happening - which probably explains my heightened bloodpressure!! I especially liked that last part "being thrown into the skies, blinded by the sun that didn't burn". Magnificent stuff!!

And then we have the wakeup scene!! The dialogue in this one was wonderful - my favourite being the whole "I woke up and the sight of you so close freaked me out" moment. Spike's internal comments were perfect. I can just hear him berating himself! And referring to himself as a "big strapping vampire"?! That was hysterical!!

Buffy's accidental mooning had me in giggles!! Having been in one of those ghastly gowns myself I completely empathise with her! And I can just see Spike enjoying the free show and then sneaking another peek when she's getting changed! Also loved Buffy snatching his duster off him and Spike offering no argument when she puts it on. That poor vamp has got it bad!!

You really need to put a warning on your chapters, something along the lines of "reading whilst drinking coke could be hazardous to your health". I think I inhaled the whole contents of my drink with that "Not that she wanted to eat Spike" comment. Bad author!! I think my eyes are still streaming!! Adored your definition of hell, too! There is nothing worse than bad teen flicks!

Ohh, methinks the lady doth protest too much!! Accelerated heart beat whilst being held in the arms of an attractive vamp in the shadows? Yeah, sure it's only due to the rather non-threatening nurse coming out of a room! I am so loving this story!! You seem to have a great understanding of the characters and all their faults, along with all their more noble characteristics.

Buffy's easy acceptance of car-stealing was rather funny and I adored Spike's concern over her health. I had another rather dangerous moment with Spike's "eat me" comment and I just loved his trying to hide his real feelings later on. I'm sure he had quite a few thoughts running through his head right then!!

And then we got to bashful Spike!! How could Buffy resist? He's just so cute when he gets embarrassed! And then he almost sounds sulky with the whole "not even a little taste of your blood?". He really needs a hug!

The last paragraph was beautiful to imagine. The lingering sounds of Tchaikovsky or Bach playing throughout the car with Buffy falling asleep beside Spike, displaying a level of trust that sometimes doesn't even exist between friends!! Worthy of a diamond rating!!

Thank you for such a marvellous chapter!! I look forward to the next one with extreme anticipation & a bit of curiosity as to whether Spike will go back to retrieve his car!

P.S. Thank you also for your concern. My family and I are quite safe thank God, unfortunately not everyone over here can say that.

He loved her. Spike, the self proclaimed Slayer of Slayers, loved Buffy. He didn’t know how and when it happened. Perhaps it had slowly crept up on him. Perhaps it had always been there, buried under the bricks of denial that crumbled one by one the longer he spent in her light.

I couldn’t resist a bit of ‘Touched’ cuddling on a bed, could I? It’s way too sweet an opportunity to pass up. Haha, you got that right. Such a weak excuse, but he needed to lie to himself otherwise he’d have to start to really think of the reasons he was still there and snuggled with her… and that would be very bad.

*Blushes* That’s what I was going for. Writing dreams sequences is kind of a thing for me… I just love that I can use a whole bunch of stuff that normally wouldn’t make any sense and instead draw metaphors from it. Sorry about almost setting your screen on fire. LOL! And about the blood pressure, but that’s good from time to time, right? Fighting is exceptionally tough to write at times and even more so when I set out to make it erotic. Knowing I succeeded makes me giddy. Thank you for the kind words!! And between the two of us, that line was kind of my favourite out of the sequence.

Not the nicest way to wake up, is it? Poor Spike almost got a concussion as well. Good thing he was at the hospital already though I doubt the nurse would somehow overlook the whole ‘the heart is not beating’ thing. He definitely kicked himself for lusting after her following that comment.

I LOVE making you giggle. I’ve never worn a hospital gown but I did see it in action. It’s just so strange. *g* And Spike would look. Especially when he knows he can get away with sneaking a tiny peek. The sight of it overwhelmed him so much he couldn’t even put a protest when Buffy snatched his coat. He’s got it bad indeed.

LMAO! Sorry. Now you know not to drink stuff when reading this story… you never know what might come up. Ah, Buffy… she so would want a nibble of that piece of salty goodness. Silly girl. And believe me if I had to watch bad teen flicks, that would be like one of Dante’s circle of hell. Just imagine watching Dorm Daze (one of the worst movies I’ve ever had the misfortune of glimpsing) over and over again for eternity. *shudders*

Indeed. Those sexy muscular vampire arms sneaking around her waist had nothing to with her quick heart-beat at all. Nuh-uh. You rock for saying you love this story. Thank you!!!

Buffy is a born criminal, it just takes a bit of bad influence to make her realize it. And Spike was rather crude with that comment, but don’t we just love that about him?

Spike can switch one from emotion to other faster than one can blink. I love him when he’s all gruff and bashful! He does need a hug, doesn’t he? But maybe Buffy will need one too, and he’ll be the one to offer. And that was in no way a hint for some of the following chapters.

I love classical music, especially Rachmaninov. That and metal/rock. Sometimes the combination of two. On some instinctual level Buffy trust Spike otherwise she’d never fall asleep next to him. So happy you liked that!!

You’re very welcome, gorgeous. I haven’t forgotten about the car. But it will be a while before Spike will be able to retrieve it. He misses his ‘baby’. *g*

I’m relieved to hear that. Hope the stricken families will pull through okay. Thank you for the amazing review!!! J

01/15/2011 08:28 pm
 Woho! That was one hot dream Spike was having. Too bad it got cut short there. I need me something to cool me down now, maybe some ice or.... maybe a room-temperature-blond-master-vamp? No? There is no such thing?! WHAT?! What kind of world are we living in people?!!!

( *grumbles to myself; Damn Whedon and his hot fictional vamps!* )

Poor Spike, he can't even get to the good parts in his dreams. Gotta be frustrating for a vamp. Oh, if only I could take Buffy's place. *Sighs dreamily* If only, if only...

Love how oblivious Buffy is with the whole flashing thing. It makes me think that she, on some level, knew that she was flashing Spike, that she even wanted to. Because, come on! Your butt is feeling the breeze! Your butt never feels the breeze! Or maybe some residual effect from the drugs they gave her? Anyway, she should flash Spike some more. Nothing bad can ever come of it, now can it?

And oh, poor Spike again. Can't be easy driving a hotwired car with a boner. And with a cock tease as a passenger too. Ah, but the fun of it. 

“Eat me then.”
This made me ROFLMAO (and hey Spike? I would totally eat you... too crude?... nah! *grin* )

Yes, the UST and the banter. Loves it, yes I do. You have been a good and diligent slave you have. But it's back in the cage for you now! Get crackin' on the next chapter!
Haha... I call the cutting-it-short part UST. Can't give you all the good parts all at once, can I? What kind of person would that make me?! The best one, you say. Oh, well... I like being bad. Now, if I ruled the universe, I'd totally command the scientists to start making Spike-bots. Wait... is that immoral?? Guess it's a good thing I don't rule the universe then. But isn't it indeed a terrible world we live in?! I do agree with you.

Oh yeah, damn you Joss for making me create absolutely impossibly criteria for any living man to meet.

Spike's got some serious case of blue balls. Frustrating indeed.

Or was she? Oblivious, that is. She was kinda preocupied, what with her mind wandering all over the place so she didn't necessarily notice right away. But subconscious is a funny thing, isn't it? She might have been teasing him accidentally on purpose. Oh boy, would Freud have a field day with this one. I bet his head would probably explode.

LOL! such directness. I do like that about you. Poor Spike got himself into quite a tricky situation. How long can the two of them go on like this because someone cracks? It's gonna be fun to find out.

LMAO!! A bit crude, but that's why I love it! An hey, can't blame you either. I sure as hell wouldn't mind.

Hahaha! Get ready for more soon. You know I could never make you wait for long. *scampers off to write* Thank you for the brilliant review!!!

01/15/2011 04:16 pm
the dream sequence was breathtaking...
Words cannot express how elated it makes me to hear you say that. Thank you for the awesome review!!! Really appreciate it.