Running from the Inevitable by The Enemy of Reality
Chapter: Chapter seven

01/19/2011 08:46 pm
It´s wonderful please keep writing!!!
*grins* You rock. And I will, no worries. Thank you for the sweet review!!!

01/19/2011 09:44 am
Can I just say: getting woken up by Spike and then staying in a motel room with him? I wouldn't be complaining!!

The dialogue between our favourite couple was just sparkling in this chapter, the words leaping from the page (or screen) and coming to life in all their vivid glory.

I love how you have Spike going from being an absolute sweetheart (ordering pizza for our hungry Slayer without having to be asked) to being a total perv (thinking about porn) and then transforming into your typical teenage boy (accepting a pizza eating challenge). All this in the space of a few seconds!! Our Spike is such a wonderful, multi-faceted character, it's no wonder he keeps surprising Buffy!!

Buffy eating nearly the entire pizza was awesome!! Kind of reminded me of some of those girls on Japanese anime that seem to have no trouble putting away a whole table full of food by themselves (and usually fighting off the male character for the last spring roll!!). I think my favourite part of the dialogue in this chapter happened at this moment with: "you eat like a pig" "correction, I eat like a man" "same diff" "touche". Absolutely, positively, categorically correct!!!

I adored Spike's socks!! Not something you'd expect the Big Bad to wear, but it got Buffy to laugh which is good!! That girl needs someone that can make her laugh, which certainly isn't Angel who is gloom and doom personified! And Spike letting slip that he thinks she smells "delicious" was a gorgeous moment!! Loved it!! "

Your characterisation of Giles was completely spot on!! Straight from half-awake to alert & concerned watcher in 0.000001 seconds! I adored the whole "is there an apocalypse?". Typical Giles!!

Spike trying to comfort Buffy was a beautiful touch to a rather comedic scene and Buffy's "he hadn't even noticed I was missing" was simply heartbreaking. For a girl who just had her ex-boyfriend walk away without a single word to then find out that no one had thought to check up on her, and after she supposedly did a patrol by herself, would have been a hard blow.

And then it's back to the verbal sparring! Those two just love to fight (especially each other!!) and, oh Buffy, what a dirty mind you have! Spike is correct, that girl's mind just seems to leap to all sorts of naughty places no matter how innocuous his words!! Mind you, can't say I blame her! " And then he's off to the shower!! Oh please, where's my fan, it's getting rather hot in here!!! Spike - clothes + water = drool & happy place!! I think I'll go lay down for a while!

Thanks for a perfectly fantabulous chapter!! Although, all that talk of pizza and melted cheese has planted evil ideas in my head for dinner!! YUM!! I eagerly await the next instalment!!
Oh, before I forget... sorry about the reply for the last review!! I accidentally copied a random paragraph I wrote for a chapter much later, and of course I pasted it into my reply. *eye-roll* Sorry if that made you confused. lol

Hee... now if I that was me, I wouldn't even be able to sleep for all the nasty thoughts I'd be having. I would probably offer a nice massage too.

*blushes* You flatterer you. I'm so happy you liked the dialogue!!

That's just the best thing about him, isn't it? Spike can go from one to other in a span of a few seconds. That's why I love his character so much (don't forget the utter hotness), he's so awesome to explore. And I thought it would be really nice of him to order Buffy food without having to be told... it just shows how sweet he can be. He didn't even taunt her about it!

LOL! I can totally see that! And now I think how fun it would be if someone made a Buffy manga anime. If she had mouth as big as Mick Jagger, she could without a doubt do that thing for real. Oh, men and their eating habits. They're such pigs, aren't they? lmao

There will be more moments where Spike will make Buffy laugh. You'll see. I think she really needs that, especially after the angst that was Bangel. *eye-roll* Buffy needs someone who can pull her out of her gloomy thougts and show her how to have fun. And someone who will give her compliments without even realizing.

Hee... poor Giles got quite a scare!

At least Spike was there for her, albeit a bit awkwardly, but it was really sweet of him. He just can't stand to see her miserable. And it hurt Buffy, to know people just don't realize how hard on her Angel walking was.

If you liked her dirty mind, you should see the next chapter. Not saying anything more, just that I think you'll like. And really, anything Spike says in that voice of his sounds like a come-on, doesn't it? Nope, nobody can't blame her for jumping to conclusions. Hee... shower + Spike... mmmm.  Just imagine him as he stands beneath the shower head, head tilted back, water slucing down those tight muscles, caressing his skin just as hands spread soapy suds all over that lickable body. *hands you the fan*

I actually just finished eating pizza right now. lol It was a frozen one, but it was yummy nonetheless. Thank you for the brilliant review!!!

01/19/2011 05:44 am
Aw, this is a lot of fun. I've been reading off and on as you've updated. I really appreciate the fact that, despite all the innuendo, so far this has been much more about common ground and moments of compassion and such than about sex.

Looking forward to more.  
Hearing that makes me very happy!! This really isn't a PWP (also those can be fun sometimes too), but it's really more about their transition from mortal enemies to friends and lovers... with some fun snark and adventure thrown in for a good measure. I'm trying to make it fun to read, and keep both Buffy and Spike as in character as possible.

Thank you for being awesome!!!