Running from the Inevitable by The Enemy of Reality
Chapter: Chapter eight

04/17/2011 09:47 pm

You're an evil evil writer. 

Why, thank you for the compliment!

01/29/2011 06:08 am
Your a tease. Thats all i have to say... oh and that i loved it
Hee... I've been called that before. But since you're so awesome, you don't mind. I certainly enjoyed writing the scene, so I love knowing you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the yummy review!!!

01/24/2011 03:44 am
" Immensely proud of finding a new way to torture the Slayer, Spike sprawled back on his bed with a satisfied grin."  He really is evil, isn't he? That was a rather nice bit of fantasy Buffy had going there. Probably just as well he doesn't realize exactly how vivid the girl's imagination is.
Haha, I totally love your question. Yup, he's evil alright. Devilish even, but also harbors quite a soft spot for her. Awesome that you liked the fantasy! You're right though. If Spike knew the extent of Buffy's imagination, she wouldn't hear the end of it. Thank you for the wonderful review!!!

01/23/2011 06:21 am
*GASP* Oh blimey where's the nearest icy bucket of water!! That fantasy scene just about had me as looney as Dru!! You big tease you!! My poor heart was racing, my eyes widening and pupils dilating!! I think I'll just pass out on the floor! Your very intoxicating descriptions in this scene were absolutely fantastic and my attention was completely riveted on the page! I completely feel for Buffy, I was totally befuddled as well when Spike so rudely interrupted that little sojourn into the realms of beautiful daydreams!!

On a subject less likely to cause a mental meltdown (although picturing him in the shower is enough to have me turning into space-cadet girl for a moment!!) I loved the description of Spike singing "as loud and as obnoxiously as possible". I can just hear him singing "I Wanna Be Sedated" or "My Way" at the top of his lungs, all the while knowing it's probably driving Buffy up the wall!!

By-passing the fantasy scene (if I start thinking of that too deeply again I definitely will not be capable of thinking coherently for a while) I also loved the glimpse we had of concerned Spike. The whole "not hauling her arse back to hospital" quickly becoming "should we go back to the hospital" was just gorgeous, and then when he figures out what's wrong with her, his reaction had me grinning like an idiot!! I mean, how could he resist such a delicious chance to tease the object of his reluctant admiration and desire! And then having him "sprawled" on the bed and wearing a "satisifed grin" like the cat who just consumed the whole aviary filled with canaries was the perfect close to that scene!

Buffy's thoughts in the bathroom were very believable and completely in-character for the situation in which she finds herself. Although, having to wash your clothes by hand? Not fun!!! Spike's checking on her was quite a lovely peek at his more gentlemanly side & I'm sure added to Buffy's confusion in relation to him (thus explaining her rather extreme reaction to his concern). Which of course brings me to Buffy's inner-dialogue with herself. You handled this extremely well and I could just picture Buffy having this argument with herself. The questions of "why can't I kill him?" "why hasn't he killed me?" "why am I attracted to him?" and the big one "why do I trust him?" are all very good and reasonable questions that Buffy really should consider very carefully. It's a pity that they didn't have Buffy so introspective on the show, I feel it would have made life a lot easier for her in the long run if she had only taken the time to closely examine her own thoughts and desires rather than continuously living in the land of denial.

And, ohh a cliffhanger!!! Is it the Amazons or something else?? I can't wait to find out!

Well done on a simply brilliant chapter and I look forward to more lovely fantasy scenes - but which are actually real!! "
Haha, this makes me very happy. You rock, if I haven't told you before. Sorry about the teasing. I admit that wasn;t very nice of me, but hey, at least you got to read some quality Spuffy smoochies. Personally, when I read I like the authors that give attention to detail rather than just say 'they kissed'. So it's really awesome you liked that bit! Shame on Spike for interrupting though. *g*

Now you distracted me with mentioning Spike in the shower. Mmm... To me he does seem like the type to sing in the shower...loudly. The man has no shame, thank God. And he'll do anything to irritate Buffy.

Haha, you're so sweet with the compliment. Very crafty of you to flatter me, then I'll have to write more. Poor Spike actually convinced himself he didn't care if her head wasn't all right after all. And then he went and offered to take her to hospital. He's got it bad. So bad in fact, it took him quite a while to pinpoint the source of Buffy's weirdness. Oh, the knowledge n his hands is a dangerous weapon for teasing her even more.

Oh yeah, washing clothes the old fashioned way is just tedious, but at least Buffy got the manual labour as an excuse to get out of Spike's irresistible presence. If she had to stand near him a minute longer, her head would probably explode from all the blushing. Well, that or the nasty thoughts. And you understood her reaction to Spike's concern just right! That makes me happy. She odesn't know what she's feeling or why and it terrifies her. That lack of control, and lusting after someone she's supposed to kill. Buffy ont he show could be so clueless sometimes. I did like how things went in the beginning of S6 though, especially in 'All the Way' when she bumped into Spike int he Magic Box basement and her mind went into gutter. *g* That was so sweet. I wish they hadn't made her act toward Spike so dismissively later in the season.

Hee... you'll have to wait and see.

Oh, there will be make-outs, no worries. Thank you for the amazing review!!!