Every Time You Say Good-bye by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Two

02/14/2011 04:44 am
That was a lot of fun.  I loved how the dumbass slayer had to actually kill a vampire.  Not to mention, Spike checking out girls and making Buffy jealous.  yum
We all know the way to Buffy's heart is to try to take what's hers... LOL Thanks for reading.

02/12/2011 07:16 pm

This was just wonderful!

Thank you!

02/11/2011 10:23 pm

Great chapter ...Buffy is too funny, she so wants Spike to notice her, and she's jealous too. Spike is really reserved now isn't he? I kinda miss our Spike...so impulsive and passionate. I don't blame him tho, but I do kinda miss him. And I don't want him chasing after Buffy ever, ever again.
The Not Slayers are annoying and the vamp fight was really good. Loved Buffy hugging Spike and saying she'd have to keep him alive. Love, love the Spuffy fighting side by side. One of my fave things about Spuffy.

Can't wait for more of this! Great story so far.

Well, comic book Spike seems to have grown up and calmed down a bit (except when it comes to Angel, maybe...) I'm sure the real Spike is lurking in there somewhere, though.   I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading.

02/11/2011 10:05 pm
I am loving this!

02/11/2011 09:48 pm

I love Buffy's jealousy and how Spike asks her if there's any reason he shouldn't be looking at other women. If she wants Spike, she's gonna have to do the chasing this time.

Probably so...

02/11/2011 01:43 pm
They're both so desperate to keep from letitng the other know they still care - both so certain that the other is no longer feeling the love... sad really.
Sad, but pretty typical. One of them will crack eventually.

02/11/2011 06:04 am
Mmmm.  Delicious.  “What? Monsters? Not misunderstood differently-abled people? Are you sure?” *snicker* I do enjoy seeing santimonious political correctness slapped around.  And “Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. You just never know with me.” That's so true. It's like one of those old candy commercials, slightly twisted.  "Sometimes she's dead, sometimes she's not..."   

Spike seems to have learned a thing or ten about strategy since the days when his plans almost immediately fell apart.  At least, judging by the end scene, I'm thinking it's a deliberate strategy.  Very intriguing incarnation of Souled Spike.  And Buffy is an interesting combination of an older self mixed with the early Buffy who never met a vampire she didn't have a quip for.  More soon, please?
I'm glad you liked it. I have the next chapter back from the beta, so hope to put it up soon. Thanks for reading.