Every Time You Say Good-bye by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Nine

03/16/2011 06:35 am

This was a really good chapter. Great scene with the vamps and I love Spike's new powers(good explanation as why he's like that now) . And of course he could kill Dru..there's no doubt in my mind. I hate the way the "Spike" comics have him all conflicted about Dru and her saying she loves him and he's meant for her or some nonsense, That relationship was over a long time ago and Dru would NEVER want a souled Spike at all. All the comics have pissed  me off.  :/  Anyway I liked Buffy being so understanding to Spike. That was sweet.

I don't like Spike saying he never deserved her and still doesn't. After the Twilight mess it's Buffy who doesn't deserve Spike IMO. But of course Spike always sees their relationship that way. Buffy has to man up and admit to Spike she wants to be with him. I guess it's one little step at a time. Saying she hates saying goodbye is a step. And I want her to find out about Connor so bad...I'm sure Mr. Broodypire(tm) will never tell her.

Nice that she's taking Bobby in and that Julie is off to England. I like Faith as "leader" too.

Love this story...off to read the next chappie.


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I hope you like the rest of the story.

03/15/2011 11:44 am
They're gradually getting closer... it's so sweet. It really is high time somebody told Bufffy about Connor - it really should be Angel but of course he never would. Love the factt hat Buffy is as comforted by Spike's scent as he is by hers. More please...
More already up!  Thanks for reading and telling me you're enjoying it.

03/15/2011 12:57 am
Oh I also meant to tip my hat about the parallel in the sleep scent scenes.  First Spike napping on Buffy's bed and drinking in her scent and now here where she is consoled by his lingering presence...nice touch!


03/15/2011 12:52 am
Lovely battle scene, very visual.

 Bobby has a crush. Yup he's a lot like Spike (wonder if it is coincidence or if there is a strong reason?).

I feel bad that Dru is gone (always felt she was the most tragic character in the verse and never really hated her) but there is no way to safe Dru even in fic that really works.  Her madness makes even an ensouling ineffective.  She'd just wish for death.  Angel really made any hope for her end before he turned her, poor thing.  At least it was done well and the only way possible to be honorable really.  Glad Spike is past the pangs it would have caused early on.

So he's much older and more powerful (and I suspect even more with the physical changes like the claws).  This makes sense.

Sure wish Buffy would throw him a CLEAR bone and even admit things to herself finally.  All things come to those who wait though. 

Particularly loved , <i>“I lost any lingering feelings I may have had for her when you took me out of that basement and made me part of your life again. Never deserved you, and still don’t, but I’ll be yours till I’m dust in the wind.”</i>.  That makes his acceptance of the whole Buffy/Angel spacefU@K thing make tons of sense.  He's hers and truly reconciled to that being on any terms, not like a lap dog but one owned by choice.  That fits nicely with the Spike we know but does not make him pathetic in the least.  Rather like a knight errant pledged to his lady as opposed to slave or pet.

Love this story.  Glad Julie is off to England and happy Bobby is with Buffy.  Maybe he'll figure in somehow in making her know her heart.  Kinda wished she would find out about Connor though *snerk*.... 4eva my butt!

I love your reviews. So thoughtful and detailed. So Kathleen.

Yeah, she really needs to know about Connor.  It could still happen. Maybe not in this fic, but before the comics start up again and ruin everything.

03/15/2011 12:08 am

BEST. CHAPTER. EVER. This was simply awesome.
Hee. Thanks.