Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
Chapter: Strange Gifts

08/13/2011 06:56 am

gahhh, damn it, write more in this story!!!

i have yet to come across a story- until this one- that had an original plot line, actually sounds like the characters and (most importantly for me) doesn't have Buffy getting all softy for Spike immediately in the story, which is soooo boring.
please please please please please PLEASE write more soon!!!

Hi, yeah sorry about that. Actually, now that IACS is now done, I am trying to get this one done. I have had so much trouble with this story, because, like you like it, I don't want Buffy falling too quickly. I have written bits and pieces, but I want to tie them together.

I will post the next chapter very, VERY soon, I promise.

07/03/2011 04:41 am
Really enjoying this fic.  Love the dialogue!
Thanks so much. I'm working on the new chapter, now!

06/13/2011 01:36 am
Something tells me she's not going to be very happy when she finds out. Ooh! He should get her a spa day. Around this time in the series she could really use the chance to be pampered and relax.
hah good idea... I was thinking more on the line of sensual massage.. but that might have to come after she finds out lol But yeah, she really does

05/05/2011 02:15 am
This story is amazing. Please continue!
I'm getting to it, lol. I have so much stuff going on right now, I barely have time to log on, and I keep having ideas for the other ones, but it will be updated soon, I promise!