Making it Work by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Four

09/24/2011 04:34 am
One would think Buffy would change her plans with the new knowledge but she continues to plow ahead ignoring the gained knowledge.  Good thing Spike was there to assist!
You would think... ah well, but then there wouldn't have been any story if she weren't so stubborn. Thanks for reading.

04/18/2011 07:17 pm
Enjoying it all so far! (Curse you - I have work to do, and I'm here reading BSV!)
LOL I stopped posting for awhile, so only two chapters more for you to read.

B. Lynn
04/18/2011 06:48 pm
Wow!  I was so excited to see Chapter 4 up already <3 I'm really liking this version of Spike, vey dangerous and sexy but still so very sweet and Spike.  I can't wait for the next update, best of luck on everything
LOL - I'm trying to space the chapters out so that they don't look like only one chapter has been posted. It'll probably take a day or two to get it all up that way.  I'm glad you like my Spike.