Pop Goes the Weasel by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Is It Spring Yet?

08/22/2011 02:16 am

weasels and rates EW..


08/03/2011 07:58 pm

Cute opening.

Thanks. :)

07/31/2011 04:48 am
weasels to endanger...  :D :)

However did I live without you before this?

Perfectly well, I'm sure. *g*  But thanks!

07/31/2011 03:27 am
Interesting start. 

Don't know if this is a formatting problem, but there seems to be an unnatural amount of space between each line. Makes it odd to read. But interesting!
Sorry - yes, it is a formatting issue, but not one easily fixed so as to be postable to all archives. I'll work on it for the next chapters.