Rewind. Shuffle. Replay. by cloud_forest
Chapter: The Pack

11/15/2011 07:42 pm

Lovely update, great sparkage between our heroes. Looking forward to the big reveal.

11/13/2011 02:20 pm
I read your response to DeepBlueJoy's review of Rewind, Reshuffle and Replay. One thing caught my eye. You said that this Spike isn't the same Spike who spent 100 years gleefully killing. So it begs the question how did he get the soul?

I know I have posted something similar on in a review there but I just wanted to say that I understand that the first couple of chapters had to be extremely similar to the show. They are just getting to know each other. And as a vamp you should be concerned if the slayer is the slay first ask questions later type. If she knew right away that Spike (or Angel for that matter) was a vamp he would have been dust before he got a word out. But the Spike we knew was a straight forward kind of guy. Even when he got his soul that really didn't change. Sure he less sure of himself but that had more to do with his love for Buffy and where he stood with her.

I only hope that Spike doesn't have a curse on his soul. There could have been another reason for him getting it. The reason that jumps to mind for me would have been his mother. After turning her and having to dust her that could have been the catalyst for getting a soul. I only comment about it because I hated what happened on the show with Angel and Buffy. To me it seemed like Joss and Co. tried to make it look like Angel and Buffy were star crossed tragic lovers doomed to be apart forever. And in reality (to me) he was a manipulative stalker who never let her grow up. He wormed his way into her heart and kept her emotionally stunted for life. Plus that would cut down on the hot monkey sex!! But seriously the Spike we all know and love wouldn't do that. 

Indeed, it does beg the question as to where the soul came from, and all I can say is that explanations are forthcoming. In the next chapter(s), actually.

I obviously can't say one way or the other how Spike got his soul, and how permanent it is. Definitely don't wanna be posting spoilers to my own fic, lol.
All I can say is that the reason that things happened the way they did on the show between Angel and Buffy is that they were happening between Angel and Buffy. As I said from the outset, this story- while it places Spike in Angel's position -will not be a carbon copy of the series because Spike and Angel are different people, so when put into similar situations they are gonna react in completely different ways. I know that still doesn't give you a lot to go on, lol.... but I'll just finish off by saying that don't worry. This is a Spuffy story posted on Spuffy fanfic websites, and written by a die-hard Spuffy shipper... so things might be turbulent here or there, but...... have faith, ginar369, have faith ;D
Thank you for all of your thoughtful reviews though. It warms my heart to see someone putting so much thought and reflection into this fic