Rewind. Shuffle. Replay. by cloud_forest
Chapter: I, Robot... You, Jane

12/07/2011 09:22 pm

Buffy's up and down like a yoyo as usual, gaaargh. It's a wonder she's not feeling sea sick. Make up your mind woman. Great update..

Haha, yup. That's how she rolls. Glad you enjoyed

12/07/2011 07:46 pm
I really like this idea you have and I think that you´re doing a great job with it. About your pesonal life - if you can keep your mind occupied with something that is not so related to the said personal life - the personal life gets easier to handle. Like writing fanfic
Great chapter anyway
Thank you so much
Haha, it's not that my personal life is unkind to me mentally/emotionally... it's just that it leaves zero time for the writing of the fanfic, lol. I'm all 'hey look! Free time!', then life goes 'Sorry, but no'.
Very glad you're enjoying it though. Thanks again for your comments