Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
Chapter: Interrupted

12/29/2011 02:06 pm
I'd be more than willing to help Spike and I promise I wont call you Blondie Bear!

Buffy is the queen of mixed signals. She never really knew what the hell she wanted. So busy trying to fit the mold others had for her that she never bothered to find out what she wanted for herself. Riley was always too I guess normal is the word I am looking for. To black and white, led to easily by authority, simplistic in his views. Wanted a little woman and got a superhero and then didn't know how to deal with it. It upset his world view when she didn't need the big strong protector, she needed a partner and he didn't know how to handle it. Angel was the same way, always looked at her like the little girl he had met in the beginning. Thanksgiving was a prime example, she wouldn't be able to handle seeing him. Why? Why did he feel the need to come instead of calling? Because he liked to torture himself. But he thought of Buffy as to fragile to see him.

Spike well Spike loved her strength, her power. Never thought she was weak or incapable. She is the slayer, that actually meant something to him. He knew her and the others didn't and never really wanted to. They saw her a certain way and never allowed themselves to see her any differently. 

12/29/2011 08:17 am
how is he going to claim he's in love with buffy, enough to actually want her to love him back, and still screws harmony?  does he really think that's going to get him points with her?  i know he's confused right now, but he doesn't seem to be trying very hard.  he needs to kick harmony to the curb. 
I tried to make it obvious that he wasn't going to... sorry if it didn't work.