Remember, Believe, and Rest by Peaceheather
Chapter: Remember, Believe, and Rest

11/01/2012 12:01 am
Huh, I was sure I'd read this one, but I'm not sure if I did or if I responded. Once we've validated an author and they are free to post at will, it's easy to lose track of which ones I'm following and which ones not.

Anyway, lovely little FITB.
Many thanks.  I got a little friendly teasing in my chat group that my main motivation was to write about the thongs around Spike's wrists - all the other comfort fics just have them miraculously disappearing.

07/31/2012 10:40 pm
Aw, I loved that. And you are right. Enjoying these kind of fics that make us ache a little or a lot is not about enjoying our beloved characters being tortured or hurt. It's because we get even closer to them that way somehow.
Yep.  When you think about it, a lot of times the camera shows us events in a character's life that none of the the others on the show get to see.  We can get inside their heads in ways that their own friends can't.  There's also the part where we rarely see people in real life being vulnerable or see their strength tested by hardship and suffering.  Both of those are a kind of intimacy.  And we like to respond vicariously by making the character feel better somehow.

Yes, I think about stuff like this a lot.

So glad you enjoyed!

05/22/2012 12:54 pm
Very apropo title.  Loved it!

03/19/2012 04:48 pm

03/01/2012 10:40 pm

beautiful piece of writing, strange to like hurt/comfort stories so much but when the pain and love are so well written, they are terrific to read.

I used to think about this a lot, and I came to the conclusion that  hurt/comfort is so appealing because we  like seeing our favorite characters show their vulnerability.  They do that best when they're suffering somehow, but it isn't that we like to hurt them - it's that we like to see them open to us.  And then we like to make them all better again, so it's okay!

Glad you enjoyed.

02/27/2012 11:58 pm
I too enjoy reading hurt/comfort, and I liked this! Well done. 
Many thanks.