Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
Chapter: Connect

02/28/2012 12:40 pm
It honestly hasn't occurred to her that she doesn't actually need to do anything about Riley. It isn't her job to make his insecurities go away. She told him she didn't know who was leaving the gifts. I'm sure she told him she wasn't cheating on him. That's all she needs to do. She doesn't need to exhaust herself trying to prove a damn thing to him. The fact that she is trying and is running herself ragged in the attempt is going to get her killed. She is allowed to have a life outside of her boyfriend. She certainly doesn't need to spend practically every waking minute with him. But that's Riley for you, if he isn't the center of your universe he feels unloved and un-needed. And not for nothing if Riley really felt like she was being stalked why wasn't he on patrol with her? Shouldn't he be 'protecting her' then too? Idiot! Oh and Willow still pisses me off. Buffy has an admirer and of course the gifts must be cursed? Really? I mean seriously I guess the admirer wasn't Scooby approved so it must be a crazy person.